Peak 62: I am flowing

Brilliantly, ‘soaking it all in’ is the perfect antidote to my ‘pushpushpush’ tendency. Since childhood, I’ve believed that ‘pushing through’ any moment (eg by pouring energy/words/actions into it) makes it better. You cannot both ‘push’ and ‘soak it in’. Yesterday was my first day back from that amazing London trip. I was able to be still and soak in…

      • a walk in the forest
      • my home
      • time with my youngest in the car
      • dinner out with my eldest and G
      • delicious food
      • lying in bed with my love

No efforts, no gilding the lily, no jazzhanding, no pushing – even if for moments only. It wasn’t all plain sailing. At other times, I was (tbh) upset, overwhelmed and fractious, as emotions and tiredness welled up from the past week. But the ‘soaking it all in’ protocol was there for me whenever I could remember to use it. It’s like pressing a pause button which simultaneously lights up the world around you so you can see it better.

A form of mindfulness. 

Yes. I was remembering how I observed ‘mindful eating’ in the past – and how it helped me feel nourished. Mindful anything is nourishing, isn’t it? On the subject of mindful eating, I’ve been preparing for my Medical Medium style cleanse across the month of August. I’ve done some tracking charts I can use now and refine for next week – they are focussed on…

1) getting in a good range of the healing foods across each week:

Table showing a Healing Foods Diary
Healing Foods Diary


2) noting what I ate and when, across each day – to bring consciousness, and a record:

Screenshot of Food Diary
Food Diary

You are aiming to ‘soak in’ nourishing, healing foods. 

Yes. That’s right.

I thought yesterday about how I long for peace, unity, light, love – and that creates the acronym ‘PULL’.

Soaking inwards, pulling inwards, turning inwards. These are the routes to the Peak experience you were hoping to discover. Each person can discover themselves to be the MAGNET of the frequencies that light them up. If you can relax into the mode of acceptance, receiving, allowing, then truly all goodness comes spinning towards you.

It is a discipline, this stillness and soaking in, isn’t it?

Only until you are used to seeing the blessed benefits from it, then the stillness becomes your sanctuary and your stronghold. You shrug off the old pushpushpush tendencies, because they have become completely irrelevant to you. You finally realise truly that they never bring the returns you sought. In fact, you realise, the goodness comes to you despite the pushpushpush! 

I get this sense of a tide having turned. Almost like I’ve reached the zenith of my life, where the outward push is over, and now the sea comes back to shore of its own accord.

Ebb becomes flow. 

Yes! The outgoing tide becomes the incoming tide. And the being that is me can sit on the shore and let everything roll in towards me without my chasing, tugging or orchestrating.

Sounds like you have found a good analogy for your current opportunities in life. 

Yes, and I can find others who are also living with this flow.

Or you can just model the receiving, accepting flow mode to yourself and others. You can be the receiver of all goodness, and thus allow others to set themselves in the receiving mode too. 

For this to work well, you have to keep you intentions clear though, don’t you? Like the ‘target slide’ [of the book Reality Transurfing]?

Absolutely. Your vision remains clear and strong, yet it is ever enhanced by your ability to see the perfection in what already is… and flow (reality transurf, if you like) with that perfection. 

Ah. See the perfection of what is, and flow with it…

Your current section of the river is always beautiful – you need not wait to get downstream (and certainly not upstream!) to be bowled over by what you see. You are flowing down a river which gets progressively more and more beautiful and wonder-full. Relax into the canoe and let the water carry you as you behold the scenery – as you soak in your surroundings. 

Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream…

Picture of a boat by the sea
Row, row, row your boat

I am flowing

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