Peak 66: I am performing effortlessly

‘Flowing oceanwards’ is an opening, melting, ripening sensation.

Wait til you get to the ocean!

What is the ocean?

Dear soul, it is pure, positive energy – boundless and unfettered. 

I want that..!

It is allllll in you, precious being. How can you access the ocean within?

By becoming a mystic?!

Let’s look at Chapter 2 of the Tao te Ching

‘the saint performs effortlessly according to the natural Way without personal desire’ [… for merit, credit, recognition, possession]

What would it mean for you to ‘perform effortlessly’?

I have this image of a 20 mile an hour sign. Just going slow and steady without haste (or jazzhanding). Prepared to deal with criticism from the go-faster types. This idea of ‘the natural Way’ – what is that?

How fast does a tree grow? 

Slowly, gradually.

That is the natural way: organic, pedestrian in speed, cell-by-cell, seasonal…

Also in fits and bursts…

Yes, as the conditions allow – not ‘in spite of’ or ‘because of’ poor conditions for growth. 

So no ‘boot-strapping’.

No boot-strapping.

And no pausing for a bow and applause.

Loving self-appreciation is acceptable as it always feeds the inner fire. Anticipating or craving external approbation is a misfire because the tiniest slight or perceived mal-judgment can suck out the energy from the performer. 

Why is the verb ‘perform’?

To denote that your work is indeed ‘visible’. You are not acting in a vacuum. 

And ‘effortlessly’?

Without strain or drain.

I’m going back to work today after a two week break. I could feel my adrenals firing up yesterday already… I can’t afford more adrenal fatigue. It’s too much.

Your self-care strategy?

MEDSAN – 7.30am-2pm – with my Clean Green diet – at 20 mph. 

Super. Performing effortlessly… You can do this, flowingly. 

I am performing effortlessly

Picture of a 20mph sign
20mph zone



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