Peak 72: I am gentle and powerful as water

‘Being true to reality’ is like a protection against falling into one’s own mechanical patterns and masking. Instead of simply repeating the moves of previous days, or sweeping over difficulties with cliches, one can address the ‘what is’, whether comfortable or not, with presence and truth.

G and I did some really good work yesterday. It started with my being ‘true to reality’ about something that happened the day before – and our getting new clarity on how to strengthen our bond, specifically when we are (or I am) off doing different things out in the world. This led to him being ‘true to reality’ about his needs: specifically around the way we nurture the home together – which allowed us to drop any plans ‘to go off for a walk or something’, and throw ourselves into tending to the home for the afternoon – which made us both very happy.

All this within the context of discovering in the early afternoon that my lovely Dad had been taken into hospital having fainted and developed very low pulse rate… We worked with that reality too. Hopefully he comes out of hospital today, and so I’m going to stay with him tonight and tomorrow.

So briefly today… Shall we start with our reading?

-8- The highest good is like water. For water benefits the ten thousand things without striving. It settles in places that people avoid and so is like the Tao. In choosing your home look to the land. In preparing your heart go deep. In associating with others value gentleness. In speaking exhibit good faith. In governing provide good order. In the conduct of business be competent. In action be timely. Then there is no strife, nothing goes amiss. (Ref)

Speak to me of being ‘like water’, dear Voice of my Heart.

Water always flows downhill, following gravity’s sweet invitation to descend effortlessly. Water has no fear of dark places, and no judgement about where it goes. Water cleanses, nourishes, purifies and softens sharp edges as it flows. 

And how shall I learn to be like water?

By bringing your ‘gentleness’ to bear with love and firmness. Water is not static or passive or weak. 

It is powerful! Look at waves wearing away cliffs. Look at the reservoir dam in Derbyshire on the verge of breaking and unleashing a tsunami of water upon the town below!

Water is however meak. It is humble, biddable, non-resisting…

Aha – and this is ‘wu wei’, right? Non-resistance.

…giving and forgiving. It does not order others, it merely proceeds, or settles in stillness. It has the patience of a saint, and the power of the archangels. It is gentle as Source. 

What do you mean gentle as Source?

Source invites us to the party of parties, and yet allows us to create every single aspect of our experience of the party (aka life on Earth). There is no dress code or present register for the party of life on Earth. Come as you are; act as you will. All is accepted; all is forgiven. And in this arena of complete freewill, some will explore the party venue fully, and discover its real treasures – and be astonished! Others will get stuck in the lobby with the booze and pass out asleep! Source makes no judgement. Source is gentle as all water combined. 

May I understand the qualities of Water. May I embody its strength and its meakness, its humility and its majesty, its non-judgment and its kindness, its gentleness and its power. May the Water of the Earth ever absorb the Light of all goodness and continue to nourish, educate and enliven us all. May I learn how to be a guest at Source’s party of Life on Earth. May I be both a guest and a host. May all beings learn and love together as water molecules flowing towards the Ocean.

I am gentle and powerful as water


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