Peak 75: I am bringing emptiness

Remaining simple helped me remember, I already had found my North Star! (Think back to c17 July).

Reach peace; teach peace.

This was and is my guiding principle towards which I can fruitfully align my life, my work, my actions, my intention, my plans.

Then you will enjoy today’s reading…

-11- Thirty spokes connect to the wheel’s hub; yet, it is the centre hole that makes it useful. Clay is shaped into a vessel; yet, it is the emptiness within that makes it useful. Doors and windows are cut for a room; yet it is the space where there is nothing that makes it useful. Therefore, though advantage comes from what is; usefulness comes from what is not.

‘Usefulness comes from what is not.’ May I bring some empty space to my clients’ worlds today. I have meetings with 3 clients in complex cases. May I bring less, bring space, bring emptiness, bring peace.

On this day of days, clarion stillness is a balm to all beings. 

Why today?

Your societies are marching towards a new precipice – beyond which lies the opportunity to step up into light, or stagger downwards into invoked darkness. 


In part. 

I must go and get ready for work. Your final message?

Emptiness is key today. It is your gift to all. 

I am bringing emptiness

PS. And now I’m humming…

She’s a rich girl
She don’t try to hide it
Diamonds on the soles of her shoes
He’s a poor boy
Empty as a pocket
Empty as a pocket with nothing to lose
Sing ta na na
Ta na na na

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