Peak 98: I am taking logistical action on embodiment

I notice that there is resistance in me to ‘take action on embodiment’. Maybe I grew up with ‘dissociation’ playing a helpful role in my coping with life… But I feel I’ve done a lot of healing in that area. So now is it just the need to create new habits? I’ve become aware of this possible ‘viral load’ aspect, from Medical Medium, which I am seeking to address through (now 6 weeks of) adapted diet/lifestyle. Results so far: I’ve barely lost any weight though I am sleeping better and seem to have better energy to a small degree. But it’s so easy to miss the exercise aspect… What do you have to say about Embodiment and Endorphination, dear inner guide of my heart?

Peak procrastination.

Woah. That’s unusually rude..! And a little bit awakening too…

Thank you for responding to the ‘stimulation’ effect of our words. We prod you, dear soul, in places that are uncomfortable, not to shame you, but to encourage you not to ‘blink’. To blink is to think instead of do. There have been many opportunities open to you – with huge signs flashing at you – and you have said, ‘Oh, I need this!’ and then set to thinking about it… rather than taking immediate action. 

For example, seeing the advert for the dance class, in the next door village, with its perfect timing of class => {Think, think, think… Miss the boat.}

What would have happened if you had messaged the instructor in the very moment you saw the advert? 

Well, what if I am busy ahead on Wednesdays…? Ah, yes, so I could have just started a conversation eg. asking ‘Is it drop-in because my working hours change?’ or  ‘Do I need to book in advance?’

And then you would have got a sense of the spirit of the person, and been able to have better data for deciding whether to go. 

Yes! So true! In fact, I finally messaged the massage person yesterday, and got such a nice message back from her… It made me feel more trusting..

Ok. So starting the conversation is part of building the trust and rapport that YOU need in order to do the embodiment work in association with A. N. Other. 

A.N.Other being an instructor or personal trainer type?

Instructor, really. That is what has worked so well for you in the past. 

But what about my own routine of walking and ‘the gym’ at home?

It’s slipped somewhat. 

I’ve had work booking in the mornings, set up from way before I started to use the 12-5pm working hour protocols.

The time you give for exercise at home shrinks sometimes… The fact of the matter is that your exercise routine is solo and therefore easily shrinkable; is not time-bound so too easily shiftable; and has no social aspect. 

I did actually regain health/fitness when I had fixed qigong, yoga and swimming classes, didn’t I?

Yes, dear friend of friends. 

And the social aspect was healing too, wasn’t it? And having to be there for the start time made me get a wriggle on and BE there.

This would be a BIG change, to go back to attending morning exercise classes.

Let me try and understand the scheduling (for my poor, dear Aspie heart). First of all, I need to say, I’ve been managing to sleep to 7.30am which is incredible and I think helpful. So, let’s say…

  • 7.30am – Kitchen (juice and coffee)
  • 8.00am – Med / QT
  • 8.45am – Change
  • 9am – leave
  • 9.30am – class
  • 11am – get home – lunch, shower, dress…
  • 12 – work

What could you do to streamline the mornings? Eg. the evening before…

Yes.. Prep. That would be good. Ok, so why don’t I do a big spreadsheet of possible classes I could attend?

Let’s read first…

-34- The great Tao covers everything like a flood. It flows to the left and to the right. The ten thousand things depend upon it and it denies none of them. It accomplishes its task yet claims no reward. It clothes and feeds the ten thousand things yet it does not attempt to control them. Therefore, it may be called “the little.” The ten thousand things return to it, even though it does not control them. Therefore, it may be called “the great.” So it is that the True Person does not wish to be great and therefore becomes truly great. (The Tao Te Ching chap 34)

‘The great Tao covers everything like a flood.’ What if I compared the Tao to this overarching inner mission I’m working with, of ‘Reach Peace; Teach Peace’? What if that mission truly covered everything in my life like a flood? In that regard, how does the following proposal pan out?: to turn over my quiet, in-the-zone mornings of blissful, recuperative introversion, to frisky, scheduled, social, energetic exercise classes? 

Is there something problematic here, dear one? Is it the prospect of ‘picking up’ new social connections?

Everyone wants to talk with you, and be friends, and take more time and energy!!!! ://////

Ah, there we go. Got it. So, selecting a class that nourishes the part of you that needs introversion and quiet and calm is important? Therefore, doing classes that nurture your spirituality might be important? 

I don’t know. Really… Sometimes the ‘spiritual’ classes are soul-sinking, and the simple exercise ones are super-uplifting…

So, using intuition, empathy and testing-out will be helpful in discerning which are good classes for you? 

Sometimes people get so very attached to your being there…

So, establishing healthy boundaries is important too?

Yes. Where does this fit with the RP/TPeace mission??

Let’s go in. 

Yes, and ALSO, if going out to a morning exercise class means I don’t have time for these therapeutic conversations, what’s the point?!

Granted. Let’s go in…

Let me just start this spreadsheet…

Let’s go in…

I’m going to the loo… Hang on….

And now, dear friend. Let’s go in.


That was good. I’m starting to absorb the idea of shifting my mornings to leave the house for ‘a workout’. I’ve now started my spreadsheet. When shall I aim to start..?

Golly. Can you imagine if I were going out every morning? It would be good… I hope. Not too tiring? No.

When shall I start?

When you are ready. There is no pressure. This is an invitation. You are welcome to approach this in a spirit of exploration. It will be fun. Trust us. 

I am taking logistical action on embodiment

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