Peak 99: I am holding on to the Great Image of ‘Reach Peace; Teach Peace’

I have taken some serious {seated} ‘logistical action on embodiment’. See a snapshot of the fruits of my investigations so far:

Chart of local exercise classes
Peak Project Exercise Classes


Blank chart for Exercise Class / Workout Tracker
Peak Project Exercise Class Tracker

Ok, I’ve spent a lot of time on all this. High speed now… Let’s read.

-35- Hold on to the Great Image and all under heaven will approach you. Coming to you and not being harmed, they will find rest, peace, and security. A passing guest will pause at the sound of music and the smell of fancy food. By comparison the Tao is mild and flavourless. It is not solid enough to be seen, nor loud enough to be heard. Yet, it lasts forever. (The Tao Te Ching Chap 35)

Yes, the Tao is ‘mild and flavourless’ – easy to pass over and ignore; easy to ditch in favour of jazz-handery. However, if we can but ‘hold on to the Great Image‘ people will ‘find rest, peace and security’ in us! What is this Great Image? I guess it’s an image, or intuition, or sense of The Way, that flowing ineffable intelligence that infuses all things with life, with truth.

What do you say?

Let’s go in… 

***Med 15mins***

Heavens…! Such heaving grief arising. My beautiful grown-up girls! How I miss their daily company, their precious presence, the rhythm and flow of a life led around them. I love them so much. I am so grateful for them and for motherhood. For twenty years, they were my purpose for living, my ‘special interest’, my mascots, my protection from the world, my allies and crew members. It’s funny, but I think it was just the thought of joining a 9.15am exercise class – ‘after school drop-off’ – which triggered the grief bubbling up from deep inside me, in my meditation. I’m glad it arose. ‘Feel it to heal it.’

And so, this new ‘purpose for living’…? I have my beloved G by my side. We are both on the journey forwards together. Our children grown and launched. Where might I rest my heart, my action, my truth in this next phase? The lessons of life are so hard, so tough; this is such a rough and tumble school…

Sweet dear soul. The ‘rough and tumble school’ you are in is also the spiritual equivalent of the training academy of the SAS or Navy Seals. It’s so bring out your innate strength, for good. 

Might the Divine headteacher give me a…

Careful what you wish for. Let us be grateful for our curriculum, and humbly follow its learnings. The curriculum you were set this year was: Reach Peace; Teach Peace. How’s that going? 

It’s taken me most of the year to start to realise that this RP;TP lesson is a lesson for ALL of us. I resisted it for some time, because I didn’t want to pose as a ‘teacher’ – least of all of peace. And then, sometimes I did… but out of ego! I’m now starting realise we are all invited to do this task.

Reach Peace; Teach Peace is a summons of this age. You used to have the Avon lady in the community, now you have the Peacemakers. 

Blessed are the cheesemakers. But is it a have/have not matter? ie. Am I ‘YES a peacemaker’ or ‘NO not a peacemaker’? Is there a divide?

Everyone is on the same curriculum, and it’s a really tough one, so no one has completed the learning, but some are getting more glimpses of the learning than others. It’s fine. Everything is going at the right pace. We are all playing the game of peacemaker, even (especially!) those who are tearing at the fabric of society through the mechanisms of politics and government. They are the catalysts in the crucible. 

Ooh, lovely. Thank you for that phrase.

By taking action on embodiment you are catalysing two things: 

  1. The dispersal of old energies, sadnesses and toxins – they are ready to come out of your body now you have been doing all this excellent work of plant-powered eating, meditation and sleeping well. 
  2. The renewal of self and being, achieved by really lighting up that golden Inner Anchor, and becoming grounded on this Earth, and therefore acting as an earthing rod for new frequencies. 

Wow. Dispersal and renewal. Yes, I need to get right into the body to achieve this all – to translate intellectual concepts into reality. And hence my goal for the third Quarter of this year (just 2/3 weeks to go!): Physical Fitness First.

It hurts though.

We know, dear soul. Let us say this extremely gently: weep it out. It is meet and right to weep at this time. Remember, weeping is the feeling of dispersal and renewal. 

Thank you, dear heart. So, would it be right to say that for me at this time, the Great Image to hold in mind is Reach Peace; Teach Peace?

You can play with that, yes. You have intellectualised the concept of Reach Peace; Teach Peace over this year; now you can feel it in you and see how ‘all under heaven will approach you. Coming to you and not being harmed, they will find rest, peace, and security.’

Beautiful. And may I bring this to my approach to those Exercise Classes next week too. And may all beings enjoy the fruits of Reach Peace; Teach Peace. 

I am holding on to the Great Image of ‘Reach Peace; Teach Peace’

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