Pivot 122: I am feeling satisfied – this is enough

I had such a productive, and fulfilling weekend playing with ‘fun and done’. We hosted a ‘1st birthday’ party and we filled the garden and house with decorations, and created a photo album of the baby’s first few months of life. It was so good to write a list of actions, and fly through them – even when challenges arose. And it came down to setting an intention to create a ‘magical birthday party’.

Intentions give direction to your momentum. 

I reflected on how the ‘scaffolding’ of my routine replaces the need for ‘willpower’. The willpower works with time. My autistic brain is very right hemisphere; time is linear and left hemisphere. The scaffolding reduces the need for willpower with regards to time – and that grants me more space for basking in right brain creativity.

So intentions are like architectural drawings that accompany the scaffolding around your nascent construction. 

And then I get inside the construction site and play with creating the building…

And so what building would you like to create this week? 

I was reminded in a podcast on my walk on Friday of the Abraham ‘pivot’ technique. Ironic I hadn’t noted it before with the name of this project! The main concept – and it’s so brilliant – is this:

“If you know what you don’t want, then you know what you do want.”

So, if something is troubling you, pivot in the opposite direction, towards the ‘wanted’.

Like magic. 

It is a bit! So for this week…

What DO you want? 


So can you use dissatisfaction as a lever towards your satisfaction

Not really. I can’t confidently look at dissatisfaction without magnifying it.

So can you look at all the aspects of your life, week, day and segments that bring you satisfaction? Can you set an intention for satisfaction? What would that architectural drawing look like? 

Satisfied me… Hm… What gives me satisfaction? I think ‘knowing I’ve helped people’ gives me a feeling of satisfaction. And knowing I’ve pushed the boat out in terms of my creativity and self-expression, makes me feel deep satisfaction.

Helping + Creativity = Feelings of Satisfaction

Yes. So is it a case of more helping and more creativity?

What do you feel? 

I feel I need to add something. It’s about ‘non-judgment’; it’s about ‘unconditional positive regard’. I have a hunch that that is the oil that eases the satisfaction machine.

Helping +
Creativity +
Unconditional Positive Regard
= Feelings of Satisfaction

Yes. This is my intention for this working week.

Helping – self and others +
Creativity of expression – for self and others +
Unconditional Positive Regard – for self and others
= Feelings of Satisfaction

So in each segment you are welcoming Helping + Creativity + UPR so that you might bask in the feelings of satisfaction. 

That is my segment intending, yes. May I find my phrase?

This is a beautiful new week, and it is my intention to bask in feelings of satisfaction. I love the feelings of satisfaction that run all the way through by being. I know they are good for my health, wellbeing and internal organs. I know we are created in order to feel the expansiveness of creativity, which is to say, to experience feelings of satisfaction. Sometimes, I just need to press pause and focus to realise that satisfaction is hovering in the air around me ready to be inhaled right here right now. I am ready to receive immense satisfaction this week. I am excited that I have three tools to take on to my construction site this week: 

  1. Helping
  2. Creativity
  3. UPR

With these 3 tools, and with my intention to feel feelings of satisfaction, and with the scaffolding of my routine, I know – and it is powerful to know the power of my knowing – I know that satisfaction is available to me and to us all at any moment in time. 

It is my firm intention to feel and to absorb and to receive feelings of deep satisfaction this week. 

Beautiful! A rampage. Thank you! How satisfying!

I am feeling satisfied!

Oh yes, I just spotted (again): satis. Satis = enough. Faction = making / doing.

I am doing enough… This is enough. Enough is made… This is enough.

Ooh… that is so big. It’s the antidote to the messages of my youth: work harder, do more, keep pushing.

And isn’t it good to know that this is enough?

It sure is.

Take that with you. 

I am feeling satisfied – this is enough.


Enough. Satis.

I am feeling satisfied – this is enough



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