Pivot 121: I am playing with ‘fun and done is better than perfect’

Reading: ACIM – felt drawn to start reading Teachers’ Manual. Let’s see how that goes..

Med – Inner Balance 15 min: HighCo 29% + AvCo 1.8 (!! It had been a while since I’d used the device – so startling to be so constantly out of coherence!!)


So here we are. Breathe deeply and anticipate satisfaction. I did that as I got out of bed this morning on this sunny day, and had a flashback to waking up happy in childhood during summer weekends or school holiday, simply anticipating a whole day of playing! We (me, siblings, neighbours) used to bike ride, hopscotch, explore the woods, play in the sandpit, play in the tree house, play make-believe games, dress up… Endlessly romping in a) our bodies and b) our imaginations. So satisfying!

Yesterday was a day of goosing up the satisfaction, and yes, a deep breathe before a new task does set you up to feel like there might well be – ooh, lovely – satisfaction ahead. And part of my real satisfaction came from introducing an element of playfulness yesterday.

  1. I was asked to do a video for my business for a online business festival I’m involved signed up to. Videoing myself reminded me of when I used to pretend to be Delia Smith talking to camera as I did baking in the kitchen at home as a child. I dropped seriousness / perfectionism and allowed myself to let it be a fun, easeful experience. (PS. This is the encouraging response I got from the event organiser, reassuring me that ‘fun and done’ is better than perfect: The one-minute perfect pitch – you should be on the dragon’s den! Or the Natwest Accelerator programme! Bravo!)
  2. I had a long list of complex tasks on a post-it note, all of which I needed to try and tackle in the afternoon. {Typically = *Executive function alert bells ahoy – which first?!, putting off the worst etc*} So, I grabbed some scissors and cut up the post it note and put the pieces in a mug. G. names this new game: Lucky Dip. Perfect. Pulling a random task out of a mug, time-stamping it and jumping into it was FUN. I got a lot done – but not all, and that was ok too.

We love your phrase ‘fun and done is better than perfect‘. You could run with that all day, all week, all year and get such satisfaction out of every day. 

I could, couldn’t I? It’s bringing the Facebook motto (done is better than perfect) together with my Mum’s legendary ‘It’s got to be fun’ motto. Yes, satisfying stuff.

My new routine is also about ‘fun and done’ isn’t it?

It sure is. You are creating an environment for yourself – thanks to the opportunity afforded you by lockdown – that allows you to have enough certainty, or scaffolding, in place, that for the remaining ‘moving parts’ of your day you still have mental energy for maximum creativity. 

Like Steve Jobs minimising his need for decision-making each day…

Yes. The scaffolding is all geared towards your wellbeing too, your MEDS. 

I could weep with joy and relief and appreciation for this journey…

So you know you are caring for your mind, body and soul with the scaffolding of your days – and it’s so well-designed that, should there be high winds or earthquakes, your structure can easefully move with the pressures. The rest of the day is for playful activity: the fun and done. Excellent work. 

Thank you! One quick question. Why was my heart coherence so out of sync today?

You want to know why? 


Because you were in an egoic state about being or not being a ‘teacher of God’ after reading the ACIM Teachers’ Manual. Ease up on that stuff. You are ALL teachers of God because you are all extensions of Source Energy. Relax a little. The Manual simply says, ‘Dudes, try and show up in the world with your best shoes on.’ That’s all. It’s nothing special. ACIM is all about how nothing and no one is ‘special’. So chill. 

Haha. Truth bombing me all over the place. Thank you.

So today, play with fun and done is better than perfect’ and see how much satisfaction and good-feeling is available to you, sweet soul. 

Thank you. x

I am playing with ‘fun and done is better than perfect’



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