Pivot 129: I trust in my giving 

Plugging in. It’s subtle, isn’t it?

Are you feeling good? Then you’re plugged in. Subtle; not so subtle.

Let’s go in. <3


There was a line in ACIM about healing, and people resisting healing because it feels like death to them…

M.6.1.6 “Yet what if the patient uses sickness as a way of life, believing healing is the way to death? 7 When this is so, a sudden healing might precipitate intense depression, and a sense of loss so deep that the patient might even try to destroy himself. 8 Having nothing to live for, he may ask for death. 9 Healing must wait, for his protection. M-6.2. Healing will always stand aside when it would be seen as threat. 2 The instant it is welcome it is there.” 

Tell me about this please.

You are always willing to see behind and beyond the apparent. This is good. It is for you to consider how you can adjust yourself to the sense of wellbeing

Some of us became accustomed to stress. In fact, wellbeing and good feeling can feel… worryingly… bland! What’s this about?

Vibrational accustoming. This is why it’s so good to slow down the mind and stop it’s constant thinking, on a daily basis – so that you can gradually get used to the vibration of peace, unity, love and light. This is what you do out in nature. It’s excellent. 

Do I associated work with stress?

You have done. Did you notice the lines about ‘trusting’? 

I did! So apt for me. Let me find them.

M-6.3.6 Trust is an essential part of giving; in fact, it is the part that makes sharing possible, the part that guarantees the giver will not lose, but only gain… M-6.4. It is the relinquishing of all concern about the gift that makes it truly given. 2 And it is trust that makes true giving possible.

I would feel much less stressed about work if I considered my offerings as gifts in which I trusted 100%. I add concern, maybe?

Consider how glorious it is to give without expectation, but safe in the knowledge of the gift received, not only in itself, but encased with the love with which it was conceived, selected, chosen, prepared and delivered. Imagine that! It is the natural process, and one you can accept as soon as you like. 

It’s so radical! I hover over feedback forms to know if my lovingly prepared gift has been received and will be cherished.

You are invited now and in every moment to KNOW, to TRUST, that your gift is perfect. How it is received is not your arena of concern. Remember the line above about the patient who uses sickness as a way of life? They will not celebrate your gift in that moment, but their soul will. Know that sometimes, to talk to someone’s soul is the kindest, most blessed thing you can do. Why is a person out of sorts? Because their Inner Being reads reality in one way, and their personhood reads it another. Talk to the Inner Being, and affirm its knowing that All Is Well… and the Person will catch up when they are ready, prompted by the fillip of the (jarring) conversation you had with their inner self. 

So package your gifts lovingly, knowing that how they are received is not your business. You will know when you have made a ‘present’ you are proud of. 

Yes, I can see this in my training… Often the reason for my waking up with anxiety in the morning is wondering how my training will be received. I can get out ahead of that by tending to my training and getting it to the point where I feel soft, calming and trusting about it. Then, I can deliver it and let it go. This is so much better than half-prepping it and winging it on the day according to what I see the audience reacting to. I can trust much, much more in what I am giving. And if I’m feeling nervous about it, it’s because it needs more prepping. That is what the message of nervousness is telling me, right?

Indeed. You know full well when your present is right and ready. And also, you know full well that LESS is MORE. 

Ah, I do? I often give masses… I guess so that I can’t have that awful feeling of dull thudliness………

Hey, come back! Less is more = celebrate that! You are doing so well! You can relax, sit back, relish your achievements. TRUST when you are giving. 

Trust is an essential part of giving…
It is trust that makes true giving possible.

I hear you. Ok. I’ve got it. I trust that as I prepare my two trainings today I am creating something valuable that will serve its wider purpose. I trust that people can be given tools and use them to create the castles, fortresses and playgrounds of their own desires. I trust that all is in order, and that my work is not the Be All End All, but rather that it is a loving catalyst that shifts energy in order to help people self-heal, self-master, self-solve. I trust that less is more. I trust that my giving is enough, is perfect, is understood vibrationally. I trust that their receiving is not my part of the responsibility, but a function of the universal unfolding of the perfection that Is.

I trust in my giving 

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