Pivot 140: I am listening for unity – for unity is all there is

Such a relief! Such a relief to start from the premise that each person is 100% perfect exactly as they are. It completely takes the fear out of having contact with people too! Why aren’t we taught this approach?

Schools? Schools teach children of their – and others’ – seeming imperfection. 

True indeed.

Today I am meeting parents of a child who is very unwell. I am meeting with them to help them agree about an end of life care plan for their beloved little one.

You are helping them find unity. 

Yes! That’s it. At the moment they are finding it hard to talk about the matter, and they disagree fundamentally on the topic of sustaining life.

Unity. You are inviting them to unity. 

That’s really so helpful. I spoke to a Muslim EOL doula colleague yesterday. Such a spiritually-guided and loving woman. She lifted my heart and reminded me that we can talk about the journey of the soul, the preciousness of the marriage between the parents, and that God has the ‘the love of 70 mothers’ for us and that the soul will experience that in fullness on it’s arrival from this earthly life. She also reminded that both parents are 100% right, exactly as they are – because they love their daughter.

Speak to me today, please of how I can best support these beautiful parents in this unthinkably tragic situation.

First, beloved soul, return to the word ‘tragic’ and rephrase it.

Difficult? Heart-breaking?

Better. There is no tragedy in life or in death, but there is the struggle of accepting and letting go – which can indeed feel difficult or heart-breaking. Know that the little girl is on her own path. Hold her at the centre. Ask: what would SHE want?

Golly, the same goes for the mother in the other case I’m working on. She has dementia, and doesn’t know that her children – who adore her – are in pain and disharmony around her care. It helps to think about asking, “What would she want?”


20. What Is the Peace of God?

M-20.3.3 God’s peace can never come where anger is, for anger must deny that peace exists. 4 Who sees anger as justified in any way or any circumstance proclaims that peace is meaningless, and must believe that it cannot exist. 5 In this condition, peace cannot be found. 6 Therefore, forgiveness is the necessary condition for finding the peace of God. 7 More than this, given forgiveness there must be peace.

M-20.6. What is the peace of God? 2 No more than this; the simple understanding that His Will is wholly without opposite. 3 There is no thought that contradicts His Will, yet can be true.


Thank you. Dear Inner Being – dear heart of my soul – dear voice of my wisdom… download into me your advice for my day…

It is not for us to tell you how to live your life, just as it not for you to tell others how to live theirs, or how to think, or how to believe. Do not go into this conversation today with a ‘belief’ or a ‘position’, God forbid. Nor should you go feeling that ‘success’ will involve persuading one person to see another way. Heaven forbid! Success will involve nothing more than greater unity between the couple. Unity – mutual understanding – mutual respect – tenderness – compassion – empathy… They both need better to understand each other. If you can help them hear each other as purely and cleanly as they might hear a pin dropping in forest, you will have had the ‘success’ you seek. 

Drop expectation at the door. Act as a servant of communication. Undertake to give of your best, and to love each one purely and without judgment. Hang on each person’s every word. Be the listener, and you will hear God’s voice through the mouths of these adoring parents. 

Listen for unity. You will find it, for Unity is the will of God, and God’s will is all there truly is. In truth, Unity is all there is, for Oneness is the nature of God, and that Oneness is expressed as Love – and reached via Forgiveness. Listen for forgiveness, and you will hear Love, and thus you will reach Oneness which is the manifestation on Unity. 

Beautiful. Thank you.

I am listening for unity – for unity is all there is






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