Pivot 141: I am listening to the knowing of my Heart (#IamHeartWise)

Thank you for your wisdom last time. I have been leaning on it these last few days. Really, there is no greater boon than finding unity where it ‘appeared’ not to be. I am humbled by this work.

Let’s go in.

***ACIM-MT21 + 15minMed***

M-21.1. Strictly speaking, words play no part at all in healing. 2 The motivating factor is prayer, or asking. 3 What you ask for you receive. 4 But this refers to the prayer of the heart, not to the words you use in praying.

M-21.4. Is the teacher of God, then, to avoid the use of words in his teaching? 2 No, indeed! 3 There are many who must be reached through words, being as yet unable to hear in silence. 4 The teacher of God must, however, learn to use words in a new way. 5 Gradually, he learns how to let his words be chosen for him by ceasing to decide for himself what he will say. 6 This process is merely a special case of the lesson in the workbook that says, “I will step back and let Him lead the way.” 7 The teacher of God accepts the words which are offered him, and gives as he receives. 8 He does not control the direction of his speaking. 9 He listens and hears and speaks.

I want to say that I experience this in my work. I definitively practice in two ways:

  • one where I am leading, with my feet firmly on the ground;
  • and the other way where it’s as if I’m standing on a cliff edge leaning forward and a strong wind is holding me, preventing me from falling down.

The latter form is always filled with grace, and I really sense myself to be a ‘channel of God’s peace’. I only practice with the latter form if I prepare mentally and spiritually for it. The beautiful EOL doula I spoke to last week (GM) gave me the resonance that returned me to that place of … ‘stepping aside’, or ‘holding the door open for something greater to come through’. 

Leaning into the wind
Leaning into the wind

I am now on holiday, taking a couple of weeks break from work. How best shall I now absorb this learning and practice it in my days?

‘Prayer of the heart’

‘What you ask for you receive. But this refers to the prayer of the heart’

You have time and expansiveness to enquire into the ‘prayers of your heart’. As you walk and explore and spend time in nature, discern for yourself to prayers of your heart. You have worked so very, very well with your mind these past 7 months of ceaseless work. Allow these precious weeks to be a journey into the prayers, desires and wisdoms of your heart – especially before you embark on your third week. 

[I’ve got 2 weeks of ‘staycation’ with G, and then the third week, we’ll both go back to work but I will still be ‘on leave’ to all but 2 mediation clients, so I can work on the business.]

Tell me more, please.

It would be easy for you to take the mind-wise route forward in your business. We would urge you to discern and take the heart-wise route forward. 

Ooh, nice. What is heart-wise?

Return to the notions of ‘reality transurfing’ and ask yourself, ‘What is the wisdom of my heart on x matter, and y?’ As you would do here, and in your practice, lean into the wind, and let Source lead. 

So lean into the wind, take the heart-wise, route and let Source lead.

Or others might say ‘Listen to your heart’. It sounds like a blithe cliche… until you actually practise it. Maybe your mind would be more content with ‘listen to the prayers of your heart’ or ‘listen to the wisdom of your heart’ or even better, ‘listen to the knowing of your heart’. 

Yes. I like that. The quiet voice of knowing that is in my heart. It is too easy to make a decision without stopping to ask the wise heart. Like taking a life choice without consulting your Granny, because ‘she wouldn’t really understand’. When actually her wisdom might slow you down from charging head long in to a situation you wouldn’t need to suffer with, if only you took advice from the heart-wise one.

Beautiful. May my heart share its wisdom, its prayers, its knowing with me today, and every day.

I am listening to the knowing of my Heart (#IamHeartWise)


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