Pivot 33: Connection to Source

Yesterday, in ‘Welcoming the Changing Scenery’ and also ‘thinking only of what I want to see more of’… I found myself dwelling on following my railway track and entering… A World of Love (AWOL?!). It took up my whole mind – the idea that in Levelling Up to Level 5, I’d walk through a door to a new environment  (scenery) in which everyone was loving, kind, generous to one another.

A question: if you excluded the news and social media from your idea of your reality, could it not be said that you live in just such a world? 

Ooh.. that bites. Yes! Even my conflict res. clients, are generally simply trying to be achieve a sense of self-worth and safety… They are rarely actively malicious. If ever…!

So. Welcome to AWOL. Where have you been? AWOL?! 

Haha! Very funny!

Let’s read…

REPETITION: Bread is made from flour. How flour becomes bread when put in the oven was for Buddha the most important thing. How we become enlightened was his main interest. The enlightened person is some perfect, desirable character, for himself and for others. Buddha wanted to find out how human beings develop this ideal character—how various sages in the past became sages. In order to find out how dough became perfect bread, he made it over and over again, until he became quite successful. That was his practice. … Actual practice is repeating over and over again until you find out how to become bread. There is no secret in our way. Just to practice zazen and put ourselves into the oven is our way. Zen Mind Beginners Mind p56/7

So, let’s do the practice and see what arises today.


That was tough. I’m still quite unwell with a cold. What’s the lesson today?

The word you were struck by was ‘sage’. What are your sage role models?

  • Getafix
  • Archangel Uriel, the illuminator
  • Esther Hicks
  • Caroline Myss
  • Matt Kahn…

What do they have in common? 

Connection? Connection to Source.

There you go. 

What exactly?

Connection to Source changes everything. Just work with that today. 

Ok. Feel sick.. Should probably stop..

Connection to Source


Later in the day:

So it’s 5.30pm on Day 2 of my ‘2 day business pivot’ and virtually all I’ve been able to do is nap. Plus a lovely walk each day. And quite a bit of serious unwinding, and… reconnecting to Source. So. This has arisen: To ask you, or Source, what one thing I could do today, for you, for the World of Love, in service to the tribe... (Like ACIM’s daily prayer, “Where would You have me go? What would You have me do? What would You have me say, and to whom?”)

Hang on a second… Is this the pivot??? From world-orientated decision-making to Source-led decision-making?

And if it were? 

Hallelujah! I was thinking on my walk today, as I prayed out loud, it’s time for some of Caroline Myss’s ‘spiritual madness’…

Want to try it? 


Dear Source of my Being,

holy heart of my Soul.

What one thing would You have me do today?

Pick out your 30 favourite books on healthy dialogue. 

Cool. Yes. Easy…. Really? I seem to feel a bit grumpy about it……:-/ What’s with me?

This is faith. Remember this? It’s following the Quiet Inner Promptings on trust.

Ah. Yes. Ok. Will do. This is my pivot. To connect to Source, offer myself up for one darn act of service and then simply follow the Quiet Inner Promptings on trust.

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