Pivot 34: Self-organise to keep the constant way

You have a powerful message to share. 

I do?

A message on the healing power of dialogue.

Ah. Yes. That’s true.

You know that ‘healthy dialogue’ supports: 

  • karma clearing
  • forgiveness
  • return of SCARF conditions (David Rock 2009)
  • good deaths
  • collaboration 
  • teamwork 
  • intimacy
  • learning of eachother
  • emotional healing 
  • suicide mitigation…

You also know people find it hard, or are reluctant to dialogue. You know that when hurt sets in and a conflict/dispute/broken relationship is underway, people shrink further from dialogue. 

It’s not easy, dialogue. I’m the last one to want to pick up the phone, tbh…

And as a person blessed with neurodivergent wiring, you’ve had to learn … to swim without arm bands. 


Meaning, you’ve had to learn (about communication) by jumping in the cold water and finding your way to the surface. 

Ultimately… You have a message to share.

{Aaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.} Yes. I do.

In fact you have a whole philosophy to spread… 

Easy tiger.

It’s true! 

At the moment you are trying to ‘sell’ the mysterious service called ‘mediation’, which most people don’t understand, or fear, or believe is not for them.

But the rest of that population which needs to hear your message is interested in the actual other bit of your philosophy, the broader picture of love, peace, forgiveness, soul contracts, healing, dialogue as a tool. 

Really? What about the old, “I’m cheaper than lawyers bills!” messaging?

Irrelevant. Most people are so sure of themselves, they assume they’ll win their case and have no bills to pay at the end. 

At the moment you masquerade as a quasi-lawyer/HR professional. And then you feel impostery. But here’s the thing. They don’t want that. They want the sage. They want a Getafix. 

This conversation is really tough going…

Only if you’re no longer in the playful mode. 

I hear you. My fear is of putting myself out there with my heart at the forefront and being… ignored, really. I was so hurt when I shared of myself and loved ones kind of ‘toe-curled’ and swept what I’d shared under the carpet. (eg NDE)

It’s time to blend the personal and the professional. 


Why is your profile pic one of you in a black suit? Like really? Why? 

To seem like I fit in. To seem professional.

Are we in the 90s still? Where is your look that speaks of you? People want you, not a cookie cutter version of someone else from the 90s. Fan heavens’ sake. 

Ok! I hear you. Be soft with me.

We’re prodding you. 

Thank you….? Let’s read and meditate.


ZEN and EXCITEMENT: ‘My master died when I was thirty-one. Although I wanted to devote myself just to Zen practice at Eiheiji monastery, I had to succeed my master at his temple. I became quite busy, and being so young I had many difficulties. These difficulties gave me some experience, but it meant nothing compared with the true, calm, serene way of life. It is necessary for us to keep the constant way. Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine. If you become too busy and too excited, your mind becomes rough and ragged. This is not good. If possible, try to be always calm and joyful and keep yourself from excitement. Usually we become busier and busier, day by day, year by year, especially in our modern world.’ Zen Mind Beginners Mind p57

OMG, yes, this. God preserve me from excitement and busyness. I’ve had enough of it now. God grant me constancy, routine, calm, joy, serenity. And with this tranquility, grant me strength of mind and character, and the will to apply myself, to complete, to execute tasks with courage and clarity.


I became aware of such emotional discomfort in my heart – pain, shame, tension. I used self-reiki to ease it, sending in natural healing and also some small amounts of self-compassion and self-love when possible.

Hm… Let me return to that beautiful line: ‘It is necessary for us to keep the constant way. Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine.’ This is so important for me. I’m addicted to stress, cortisol, change… This week has been powerful because I more or less self-isolated at home because of my cold. (Not Covid-19 but no one needs more viruses…) I’ve loved developing Switch120. Can I delve into that more? Can I keep the world at bay? Can I claim my routine, and be self-employed?

Easy… Gently. Carry forward that which you developed in meditation. Return to its softness. Would you like to ask for your One Thing? 

Sure.. Ty.

Source of my Being,

Holy Heart of my Soul

What One Thing would You have me do today?

Self-organise your day and your (living/working) spaces and your week to come.

Really? Ok. I can do that.

Self-organise to keep the constant way

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