Pivot 85: I am envisioning outcomes

The ACTING ATTITUDES practice was/is amazing. You said in the last Dialogue, Learn to pivot your emotional state. And that is exactly what this practice does. We can switch from depleting states to renewing states. It takes energy to generate the momentum, but the results are amazing.

Here’s my record of practising for a couple of days – with meteorological references to the HeartMath ‘Inner Weather Report’ concept:

From depleting state: the default ATTITUDE  To renewing state: the ACTED replacement ATTITUDE Applied to / Results
Nervous (Cloudy) Refreshed! (Sunny) Day kickstarted
Distracted (Cloudy) Reverential (Calm) Present for deep qigong
Procrastinating (Cloudy) Practical (Sunny) Got dressed/tidied – spit spot
Dreading (Cloudy) Competent (Calm) Prepped webinar for tmrw
Distracted (Cloudy) Methodical (Calm) Made great Sunday lunch
Terrified (Stormy) Super Confident (Sunny) Aced a webinar for 150 ppl
Afraid (Cloudy) Connected to God (Calm) Aced a webinar for 150 ppl
Frazzled (Stormy) Relieved (Calm) Positive post-webinar state
Avoidant (Cloudy) Competent (Calm) Chaired a webinar for 12 ppl
Maxed out (Cloudy) Celebratory (Sunny) Imprint good feelings on work
Glum / Stressed (Cloudy) Light-Hearted (Sunny) Chilled out about day ahead

It takes energy and focus, and playfulness, but honestly, I think this practice has real promise for me. It overrides the default state. That is so good.

Study Time


Freeze-Frame Quick Steps: 1. Acknowledge 2. Heart-focused breathing 3. Activate a positive or renewing feeling 4. Ask 5. Observe and act

The HeartMath Experience: CHAPTER 8: SOCIAL COHERENCE

Social Coherence

“We need to pin our hearts to each other. We need to approach situations with everyone’s collective interest in mind. Not just our own or an individual, not just our own group or even a nation. We are a collective consciousness and we need to start acting like it.” Sierra Turner HeartMath Education Team

Oh my word – this ‘social coherence’ work is my Work! It’s about harmony and cohesion between individuals in any collective – family, work etc. Energetic/ electromagnetic field is created – we share information – we share a purpose – we broadcast to each other from our heart – we function in the collective interest with collective consciousness and coherent communication – developing ease – supporting each others wellbeing – creating a collective heart field. … This is what I loved about theatre… <3 A group of people being in perfect sync… in space and time… in an aligned energetic state…

This is a v basic overview:


The video asks: “What are you feeding the field today?” Nice.

Such an interesting concept ‘social coherence’ – some people are getting really socially coherent with their households during lockdown, or finding social coherence online… Many people seem to be finding this to be a kind of reboot… Look at this article:


Here’s the technique for the Social Coherence chapter – The Heart Lock In:

  1. Focus your attention on the area of the heart. Imagine your breath is flowing in and out through your heart or chest area, and breathe a little slower and deeper than usual, in an even rhythm.
  2. Activate and sustain a regenerative feeling, such as appreciation, care or compassion.
  3. Radiate that renewing feeling to yourself and others.
      1. Try to radiate that feeling outward into the environment that you’re in right now, then out to the community that you’re in; or perhaps radiate your heart energy to a person, someone you care about, someone you know needs more heart in their life.
      2. Expand and radiate the feeling to the world, to humanity itself or to an area on the planet in need of more of your heart’s compassion.
      3. If your mind wanders, just gently bring your attention back to the heart and try to stay with the feeling. As you practice this, eventually, the heart energy you are radiating will lock-in to a flow toward your highest intention.

Or in sum:

Heart Lock In – Quick Steps:

  1. Heart-Focused breathing
  2. Activate and sustain
  3. Radiate


Ok, so I think there’s something for me to work on in Step 2 of the full practice above:

Activate and sustain a regenerative feeling, such as appreciation, care or compassion.

The way you do that, they say, is by thinking of a person or memory that you associate with good feeling thoughts, and generating your sense of that good feeling in the heart.

Maybe I could create a ‘Memory Bank’ to use for Heart Lock-In or for generating a state of coherence – a real/visualised rolodex of memories of when my heart sang. In fact, that could be part of my evening ’10 Things at 10pm’ review of the best things of the day… To draw them! Or create a photo album on my phone….

What do you think?

We think you are doing excellent work! 

Remember, your VR is not so much a ‘virtual reality’ as a Vibrational Reality. And you are learning to select, deflect from and protect your vibrational field, within the larger vibrational field. That is a powerful ability, dear friend of our hearts! 

I have to say, quietly… I know about the shit storm out there.

We know you know, and we are proud that you are not sending yourself off down rabbit holes. 

Your collective work is to hold the vibration of light (ie high frequency) whenever you can. We are looking at a collective consciousness shift. And your attention sets your frequency field at any moment. The more that people are diverting their attention to the things that bring them appreciation, care or compassion the more they are helping to tip the balance of the collective consciousness. 

At a time when there are some pretty low-vibe shenanigans going on…

Maybe. Maybe not. That is not your ‘business’ at the moment – and we say that with soft intent. Your business is the business of holding good feeling thoughts.

To help raise the collective consciousness at this time? People are bringing so much love about. I hope that the love and rest and getting in harmony with households and self is outweighing the fear, distress, anguish and name-calling.

It is not necessary for you to worry about that. With such questions you contribute ‘resistance’ to the natural wellbeing that floods this physical plane. The natural state of the self and the cosmos is harmony. Can you flow with that harmony? Even if it means ‘pivoting your emotional state‘ from time to time. 

Sure. I guess I can… I’m liking these invigorating practices. What can I play today? How can I consistently add good vibrations to the field? How can I contribute well to social coherence today? I have uncertainty in my field of vision, and a sense of chaos. I’d LOVE to feel more harmonious about my work and life…

It’s about VISION. Whatever you envision, you create. 

Social coherence. Let me envision social coherence, harmony, love…

Peace, unity, love and light – PULL it in to the Earth plane!

Exactly so… Sow me how to practise this today…

Yesterday(s), you played ACTING ATTITUDES. Today we are playing ENVISION OUTCOMES. This is the practice of stopping before a next segment of your day, connecting with the Heart, and in alignment with your Heart, envisioning outcomes from that segment. Really make it a physiological experience too – feel the states you are envisioning, act them as you were doing – emit the vibrations… 

This is Segment Intending! As was the ‘Acting Attitudes’ game – I realised as practising it over the last couple of days. Here E&J talk about it on Spotify:


Exactly so! These are all different Segment Intending games. Do you love them? 

I love them! So today is the Envisioning Outcomes game. Got it. Ty. Will play and note.

Remember: align with the Heart first. Give it at least a couple of moments. Try not to blink it. Your Heart has things to say to you. It’s highly intelligent. Slow down and hear it. 

Ok. Ty. Will do.

I am envisioning outcomes


PS. You envision the outcomes in the Vibrational Reality to bring them in to the Manifested Reality. 

Got it. 🙂 x


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