Post 119: I am in sunbathing mode

Max Basking had a really great day. It’s about appreciating what you’ve created/received as you go, isn’t it? It’s about saying, ‘Look at all this beauty – fascination – curiosity – delicious food – great company – time to relax – soft companionship – comfy cushions – sunshine in the sky…’

And I sense, as I slip into that state, this must be the state of alignment. And in the state of alignment, I don’t need to effort or push for my future, the SoA is what has us shimmying into the vortex. Right?


Think of the experience of sun-bathing. At first it feels unnatural to just stay lying there doing nothing – after all there are so many things to do and to be done. But you have a vested interest [as a pallid white girl]: a glowing, healthy sun tan. So you stay there in horizontal mode, and then, lo and behold, you start to relax. Indeed, you positively soak up the warmth of the sun. You become one with nature and the gentle breezes. Your mind slows down and you are fully in the receptive mode. Sunbathing is a great metaphor for Max Basking and the State of Alignment. 

Ok so now that’s my band name. 🙂

When sunbathing, you know your role is really to do nothing. The work is being done for you. 

Same with life?

To a certain extent. You’ll find that when you’re in alignment you get inspiration to do x or y, for the FUN of it. 

My Mum was a guru… [She always said, “It’s got to be fun!”]

She really was. 

When the inspiration comes, act on it, but not with effort or urgency. Act on inspiration just as if you were sunbathing on the beach and you suddenly felt the inclination to jump up for a swim, or play volleyball. For the fun of it. 

Ok. Sunbathing mode.


I am in sunbathing mode



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