Pivot 120: I am breathing deeply and anticipating satisfaction

I have to say, I am feeling much more relaxed these days… I’m going at a gentler pace; I’m cleaving to my routine diligently but with flexibility; I’m more on top of my business again. I’m also maybe 5 days into taking magnesium and Hemp oil, so maybe that’s helping with reducing the adrenal drive.

Yes, I am sunbathing in some good satisfaction.

I am basking in wellbeing.

I am focussing – gently – on feeling good. Thank you, Abraham, for that.

I sense the possibility for more satisfaction…?

There is always more satisfaction to be had. That is the nature of creation. It thrives on creating. 

Am I creating enough?

Of course! Could you be creating and expanding with less resistance? Of course! The invitation to drop resistance is always with you. 

That’s human life, right? To learn to trust and believe and love and relish and allow and enjoy and accept and receive and… drop resistance as you go.

‘Precisely’, as Abraham would say. 

And when it comes to ‘dropping resistance’ for me, what guidance might you give me, dear voice of my Being?

Breathe, dear soul. Breathe… Set your intention for ‘Satisfaction’ and b r e a t h e… That is the kindest thing you can do for yourself right now. ‘Satisfaction’ out-performs ‘happiness’ in the human realm. Satisfaction goes right to the core of you, and that is why b r e a t h i n g into the core of you creates ‘space’ for the satisfaction to swim about. You think we are speaking metaphorically? We really are not. You practice qigong, you know about this. The flow is internal and external – as above so below. Stuckness is internal and external – as above, so below. You work to release qi stuckness and increase flow in the internal and external simultaneously. Breathing deeply is the ultimate facilitator of increased energy in the internal and external realm. 

I see. I hear you. Can I ask… Is this about multidimensionality too?

Absolutely. You want to believe you are a solid entity dancing only along the physical plane, but know that you are an off-shoot of a Self that sits across various dimensions. That is why your care of your body on this plane is of value. The self likes to be equally distributed across planes, and your ‘lightness’ and ‘brightness’ and ‘energetic freedom’ on this physical plane maximises the same in the other dimensions. 

What does that even mean?!

It means as below, so above. Loosen up here, to loosen up there. You can’t see the benefit that you bring to your whole self when you drop resistance and foster flow, but it is real and significant.

If you could give me one top piece of advice on this – alongside breathing deeply to create space in the core of me – what would it be?

Anticipate satisfaction. 

That gave me a little leap in the pit of my stomach.

It’s good, isn’t it? Remember, breathe first, or it becomes a mental exercise to set an intention for satisfaction. In other words: 

  1. Set the intention for satisfaction – you can consider that done already as it is all your inner being is interested in anyway
  2. Breathe deeply, in to the core of you
  3. Anticipate satisfaction from there

I love it. Thank you. I will work with this today. I sense that using the 3 steps you mention is a kind of 1+1+1=5 equation.

Think 1+1+1=infinity, and you’ll be closer to the truth. 

Lovely. Thank you.

I am breathing deeply and anticipating satisfaction

PS. Just went ahead and booked on to a 2 hour Deep Dive Group Breathe in a couple of weeks, with my breathwork instructor friend and mentor, Deborah.

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