Presence 28: I am flowing in the fun of my Goodliness

[Current Quiet Time routine: 

  • 6.45 Get up and get coffee
  • 7am Reading a) book (TPP) b) last DoD
  • 7.20am Meditation – Conscious Continuous Breathing for c15mins (w Insight Timer sometimes, often no timer at all, just silence. I know when I’m done)
  • 7.40am DoD
  • 8am Finish -> phone / FitBit / Qigong, 20 mins barefoot in the garden / Shower / Bf+Scrabble with G / Work at 10am] 

Well, I learnt that unless we are prepared to give up backbiting, gossiping and criticising others… our love remains pretty conditional. 🙂 This last dialogue gave me a good opportunity to observe how I have got back into the habit of speaking of the shortcomings of others (mainly to my beloved G.) as a way of ‘letting off steam’ or, I’m abashed to say, to entertain him.

The energy is felt… 

By the person I’m maligning? Gulp.

You can state your hopes for another, by all means, affirming the route of most potential you see ahead of them. And you can feel excited and aroused by those possibilities. That energy too shall be felt. 

Wow. Of course. I forgot.

See, feel, envision that person finding peace, creating unity, unleashing their love, radiating their light. Let that be the manna of your mind. 

(Ooh. Lush phrase.) Yes, this is the real deployment of that Unconditional Love, isn’t it? Endlessly seeing ourselves and each other in our highest lights, in our most evolved forms…

You asked yourself this morning: ‘How might I do most good?’ and then, in recognition of the fact that good isn’t so much done as revealed, ‘How might I bring about most good?’ We have an answer to that question. 

Oh yes?

Yes. It is to do with … godliness. 

Oh is it…? And your meaning of godliness?

Each person is invited to SEE the good in themselves, and make it ‘available’. The word which might be more helpful to you is ‘Goodliness’. 


Goodliness is about being aware that all humans are basically Good Machines, walking about this earth with greater or lesser awareness of their true nature. 

Not something our current government throws its weight behind…


Priti Patel on 'Do-Gooders'

It is the role of the Old to act as a catalyst to the New. Thank the Old for drawing attention to the absurdity of its out-dated values.

But what about people who get caught up in the jingoism and egoism…?

You know that answer to that. 

Let them be, and thank them for being a catalyst to the New. The fruits of hate and division will never be sweet like the fruits of love, collaboration, trust, faith in unity….

P.U.L.L. [peace unity love and light] is subtle, nuanced and endlessly rich in experience. Let people arrive at an appetite for PULL in their own time. There is no time, so there is no lack of time either. What does the Tao say? Flow on… Flow on in your own unique interpretation of your own Goodliness – if and as it feels fun. No one needs your righteousness or de-haut-en-bas-liness. You know that. Good Machines are disco dancers on the dance floor, not hermits in the cave. 

Flow in the fun of your Goodliness. 

Very tender and good. Ty. May I flow in the fun of my Goodliness today. May we all. May all beings revel in their Goodliness.

I am flowing in the fun of my Goodliness today. 


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