Presence 32: I am observing how the Universe is conspiring to delight me

Yesterday I tried to take to heart this notion of having arrived. I allowed it to allow me to take a slower day – I had a light work load, and I just rested in that, after the roller coaster of the last few weeks. This included taking time for a full lunchtime walk in the woods. On my walk I had an extraordinary encounter with a woman. We stopped on the path to talk. She mentioned how quiet that part of the wood always is. Yes!! So true. Kinda eerily so. I met her again on the way back and we talked more about bringing our loving presence to the woods. We said goodbye, and then the woman said, “Oh, what’s your name?” I told her my first name (xyz), and she said, “Are you the xyz who used to be married to abc?” Whoa! Yes! And I knew immediately who she was too – and we hadn’t seen eachother for some 15 years. “Please tell me how your children are?” She asked. “I’ve thought of you so much over the years. I know it was so tough for you all at times. Do you remember, I called you a few times to see if I could help?” I told her how brilliantly everyone was doing now – and she almost cried. “That has made my day to hear this!” She looked me deep in the eyes and said to me with intensity, “You went through a great deal and you did so well.” Few people knew what those years were really like, and those who do were mostly professionals long gone. To be met in the woods by someone who knew about those years, and who bore witness to them then, and could bear witness in that moment to the beautiful resolution of that era in my life… was truly to be made to see that I have travelled far, and arrived somewhere very special. In fact, I pondered as I walked home stunned from that magical encounter:

I’ve ‘arrived’ at the point where the Universe is conspiring to delight me… and amuse me… and enchant me… and amaze me.

This is your very next step, dear soul. To observe how the Universe is conspiring to delight you. You are, as MB says in TPP, ‘innocent’. This is your soul state, your essential quality, your child self’s identity. And in your innocence you are eternally worthy of joy, creativity and delight. And creation is delightful! Is the divine not pure bliss? 

Yes. 🙂 I hear you.

Be at peace and let the Universe perform its delightful show before you. Accept its performance. Note down what you see, like a delighted theatre critic capturing notes of the wonders of the show to take back to her readers. ‘Oh, the effects were wonderful – the autumn leaves, the robins on the garden chair, the feeling of Earth on feet in the garden, the gifts of qigong… And then, the plot was so perfect: the love interest was so handsome, and the work colleagues brought such affirmations…” 

Beautiful. I enjoyed the words about the ‘inventor’ of ‘positive mental attitude’ who said he as a ‘reverse paranoid’, believing everyone and everything was out to help, support and please him. [Ah, it’s called ‘Pronoia!}

That’s the ticket! 

I am observing how the Universe is conspiring to delight me

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