Presence 33: I am speaking of my delightenment

Over the weekend, working with the sense of ‘the Universe conspiring to delight me’, I came to sense a new concept:  ‘Life Is Delightful’. It’s a simple but powerful truth that if you look only/mainly at (ie attend to; focus on) the things in your reality that delight you, your reality pretty quickly becomes “delightful” to you. Teach me how to embed this insight, oh Wisdom of my Soul.

It is fair to say that this insight alone is a strong step towards enlightenment – or delightenment! – for the full duration of your holding it as true.

Meaning? (I’m typing on my clunky phone today, so a bit offish in hearing you..) I love the word delightenment btw.

We simply mean that this is the kind of insight that you need to ‘consolidate’ into your consciousness, over ‘time’. It will slip in and out of your body of ‘current’ knowledge. It’ll slip off the desktop and into the filing system from time to time. It’s an insight you need to keep retrieving until it ‘sticks’.

I guess noting down the things I appreciate is helpful? I’ve done that again on and off this year, in a notebook. How can I develop this practice?

By talking about those things. By talking ‘only of the aspects of your reality that delight you’.

The ‘positive aspects’. (Abraham)

Indeed. And beginning (once again, as you have done so before) to cease describing, naming, explaining…

The negative aspects. That which de-delights me. 🙂

Spot on. Let your speaking glitter and glimmer with the delightenment you feel towards your word. Turn your consciousness to that which delights, and speak only of that. Speak of your delightenment.

I love it. Thank you. This is just what I needed. Amen.

I am speaking of my delightenment

PS. This line from TPP: “Consider this possibility: One of the most uncomfortable aspects of our pain and discomfort may well be our resistance to them.” The Presence Process p158. Delightenment = non-resistance combined with attention to that which brings relief, satisfaction and bliss. 

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