Presence 48: I am evoking the Power of No




This arose as my ‘new motto’ over the last couple of days. 

Man alive, I’ve had to exercise my power to choose! …To discern, to decide, to execute. It has been real kung fu for my mind.

I was reminded how draining indecision (dithering) is. I woke up at 4am yesterday, awash with stress…. and realised most of it was simply due to a few unanswered emails I’d been ducking. So I got up and worked 5.30-8.30am clearing 50 emails and 30 whatsapps. Felt SO much better for it.

I have been like steel with my tough cases too. {Metal element = lungs = courage.} This has been of benefit to me and to my clients. The person I mentioned yesterday who was so distressed… largely by her chronic indecision over one matter…. made a decision through courage coaching (new concept?) and felt much better for it.

A mediator colleague (NR) reflected on how people can only take so much ‘uncertainty’.

I just spotted this today: Why ‘Head Empty’ Memes Are Dominating 2020 In a year of chaos, a series of internet tropes has sought to offer escape from the turmoil.

With meme example:

Head Empty

Meanwhile, in TPP I read:

‘Developing the capacity to feel without telling stories simultaneously empowers us to consciously enter and contain vibrational awareness. Understanding doesn’t endow us with vibrational awareness because vibrational awareness can’t be understood, only experienced directly.

It’s to be expected that as we move through this next stage of our journey into present moment awareness, we will continue to try to think our way through what’s happening to us. It’s natural for us to “try to understand.” However, our habitual impulse to try to mentally grasp and categorize what’s happening causes us to experience varying degrees of confusion.

As we proceed from week seven toward week ten, it’s useful to hold the following “knowing” in the forefront of our awareness: Right now, as we move deeper into an awareness of the authentic condition of our emotional body, experiencing a sense of mental confusion is beneficial. It’s a sign of progress and an indication that the mental body has taken us as far as it can go. The mental body has, figuratively speaking, hit the wall!

Confusion serves us. It prevents us from attempting to barge our way into the emotional realm mentally. By giving ourselves permission not to have to understand an experience for it to be valid, we ensure a gentler and less frustrating ride through this part of our journey.

By being at ease with inner mental confusion, accepting it as a temporary necessity – and as a sign of progress – we avoid indulging in unnecessary drama. There’s nothing wrong when we feel confused. We are to feel confused without placing any conditions on the experience.’ ( The Presence Process by Michael Brown p194)

Themes emerging for me:

  1. Don’t think about the source of your uncertainty. 
  2. Decide, or make peace with your confusion. 

The third aspect of your ‘path to peace’ lies in the Power of No. 


The Power of No means articulating your rejection of an incoming offer or message. This rejection comes out of your instinctual knowing. Once ‘thought about’, that rejection becomes diluted and confused. You have dithered over your perfect intuition. Catch your No as soon as you can, and articulate it immediately.

Hence the path to peace, kung fu style, states: 

  1. Dither not – you already know intuitively
  2. Decide – trust your intuition
  3. Declare – yes or no

You’ve done some excellent work this week on deciding, choosing… Let’s practising Declaring, evoking the mighty Power of No… and Yes. 

Shucks…. Ok. Let’s do it.

I am evoking the Power of No


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