Presence 59: I am one with the unified field

Oh my word… The Presense Project Week 10 response is perfect!


Our Conscious Response for the Next Seven Days is:


Today (23rd Dec, and first day of No Work = “step into Christmas, step into Christmas..!”) I’ll pause here, and just play with this phrase for the day. See you tomorrow. Algo…?

You power rests in your ability to see yourself truly. Do you hear this? 

Ok. Yes. And how best should I see myself truly?

Figure out how you are reflected in the world. In other words, if the world is the mirror of your consciousness, what do you see? 

Ah… I see good people, calm times, abundance… around me.

Good. There we go. Onwards… 


Next day (Christmas Eve)

Look at this in TPP… So good. Extracts from p226-229:

Having a physical body allows us to believe we can be totally alone in the unified field. However, we all have experiences that prove this isn’t so. Let’s call these “unified experiences.” … [Examples] …. We may call these unified experiences “being psychic,” “transference,” “intuition,” “empathy,” “telepathy,” or the consequence of “being sensitive.” … The evidence inherent in these unified experiences reveals that:

  • Our physical bodies, though they appear separate, aren’t. They are intimately, energetically connected to each other’s body.
  • Our mental body isn’t the physical brain in our head. Its capacities extend beyond the confines of our physical body to any distance we care to think about.
  • Our emotional experiences aren’t confined to us alone. They are shared by the world around us.
  • Our ongoing and unfolding vibrational awareness isn’t personal and exclusive. It’s universal and inclusive.

In spite of these obvious unified experiences, which the mental body dismisses as quickly as possible… An efficient and accelerated way to approach the updating of our perception, so that we may accommodate the actuality of being unified, is to deliberately invite encounters with this unified paradigm to flood our awareness. We experientially initiate this updating of our perception by choosing from this moment onward to behave as if we are one with all life around us. In the same breath, we invite daily occurrences that support the unified paradigm’s impact on our personal experience.

Ask and receive: We activate this through cause and effect by consciously looking for experiential evidence that we are one unified body, one unified mental matrix, one unified heart, and one unified vibrational field. By consciously looking for evidence of it, we perceive it, because cause and effect states that we perceive what we are looking for.

Seek and find: All of this asking and seeking hinges on an agreement we make with ourselves that when the experiential evidence is placed before us, we don’t allow our mental body to explain it away. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to apply a procedure called containment. When experiential evidence of our unified paradigm is presented to us in our daily encounters, we aren’t to reveal or explain it to others. …. After agreeing to contain and digest our experience, we can then accelerate the process of inviting this unified paradigm to flood our awareness. We achieve this by taking an active step toward having this paradigm confirmed. We choose to live this way on purpose. Accomplishing this is simple. Accomplishing this is what The Presence Process leads us toward. This is the invitation inherent in experiencing Presence. Being unified is the terrain of present moment awareness because experiencing unification with all life forms is only possible in the present. The present is the unified field. (The Presence Process p226-229)

So… ‘appreciating what I am’ involves appreciating what I am connected to, right? Tell me more about the unified field, and the vibrational awareness, please.

You were sad yesterday because of the lack of connectedness for you, and all, at Christmas this year because of the pandemic. If we informed you that you can be SUPER-connected this year, because you can lean into the unified field all the more, would that help? 

As long as I don’t feel I’m dissociating from reality or basking in magical thinking…

That’s where MB’s focus on EXPERIENTIAL EVIDENCE of the unified field is key. If you ASK to see how connected you are to your love ones, and ACT as though you are, the experiential evidence will come to you. But you’ve got to lean into the belief that you are connected across that ‘one unified body, one unified mental matrix, one unified heart, and one unified vibrational field.’ You ASSUME connectivity and watch for evidence as an aside. 

Know that you are a creative being. Your ACTS and thoughts and words CREATE. And the vibrational frequency behind your acts, thoughts and words is the ‘designer’ that sets the tone, the colour palate, the frequency and the impact of your CREATIVITY. And you can’t plan for it… It’s in the moment. 

So as you wrap presents today, do so with a heart connected to the recipient, and to the All about you. Bring consciousness that you are part of more than just the relationship between you and the recipient. You are connected to the All. Let your tone be reflective of that today. Proclaim your connectedness today. 

Is it ok to focus on ‘consciously looking for experiential evidence that we are one unified body, one unified mental matrix, one unified heart, and one unified vibrational field’? 

Of course it is. This is the good work. Remember: ‘choosing from this moment onward to behave as if we are one with all life around us‘ This is the asking and receiving, the seeking and the finding. Be at peace with this work. 

I am one with the unified field


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