Presence 8: I am observing emotional patterns

I pretty much spoke only to G. and AS yesterday, but I did notice how I use my Voice to make myself amenable, and unthreatening… :/ I also noticed myself squirming out of asking for what I really wanted… And at that moment, came back to express myself clearly. I found, as I settled into the state of self-love, various lively hopes and dreams appeared in my mind for mulling over during our hike.

And today… Let’s read.

***The Presence Process by Michael Brown p34***



Extracts from the chapter: 

  • First a child cries, smiles, and coos, which is emotional. Next it learns to communicate in a variety of ways that eventually include speech, which is mental. Only then does it learn to walk, which is of course physical. The pathway of awareness is therefore from the emotional, through the mental, to the physical. p35
  • Part of entering into human experience is to be equipped with the perceptual capacity to “make everything matter.” We then become addicted to this capacity to the point that we are no longer aware of what our experience was like before everything “mattered” to us. This addiction is what enables us to perceptually enter into and have solid physical encounters with circumstances that are in reality pure vibration. We “stop the world” so we can move about in it. p36
  • Emotionally, each seven years we repeat the same cycle that was imprinted in our emotional body during our first seven-year experience. p38
  • Moving through The Presence Process also reveals that we died an emotional death when we were approaching seven years of age. [***See below!] This is the causal energetic death point from which we are invited to reawaken. Our repetitive emotional patterns are the dream that, on the surface of things, appears to be reality. As we learn to see beneath the surface of this dream state, we discover something startling: adults living in a mentally driven, physically transfixed, time-based paradigm are “dead children.” p39
  • On this journey, we consciously travel seemingly backwards along the pathway of awareness, deactivating the charged emotional impact the seven-year cycle has on our present experiences. p41
  • Unless we return along the pathway of awareness and bring peace to our child self, we remain unintegrated as adults. p41
  • By putting ourselves through The Presence Process, we gradually integrate the emotionally charged impact our first seven-year cycle has on the quality of our present experience. p42

[***AT: Woah!! Didn’t I mention yesterday the Drama Generator in me was the ‘young runaway’ aged about 7?!!! And I pinned it on the experience of trying to run away from home and realising… I couldn’t… and that my efforts to leave were teased. I (mis)learnt that I had to put up and shut up. In truth I was being in vited to learn to communicate, negotiate and set boundaries, but I had no role models of these behaviours at the time. ]

I’m going to meditate briefly. We’re off to see my father today. My question for today’s mediation is:

“How can I use today’s visit to my father to learn about my early self?”


Answer: Observe the emotional patterns arising when I am with my father. Welcome them in the knowledge that they are ‘energy in motion’ and I am willing to let go of them, or integrate them. Right?

Today will be a valuable day. Not only will it be a precious time with your father, but it will be an educative time. Remember the phrase, ‘put up and shut up’ which your inner Drama Generator, your beloved inner child, offered up for you today. See how often you ‘put up and shut up’ instead of ‘communicate, negotiate or set boundaries’. See how being in the presence of your father triggers some of that early patterning. Welcome this! Welcome it all! 

Is there anything else I should consider?

Be open to suggestions. 

From them? From you?

From the Universe. And also, from the Puny-verse. 

What the heck is the Puny-verse?

It’s the tiny world captured by your old emotions. It paints itself as very large and all encompassing. 

So the suggestions from my Puny-verse – I should be open to them?

Be aware of all ‘suggestions’ that seem to underpin and validate reactive emotions. That is all. 

So, observe my emotional patterns and the seeming suggestions which stimulate them?


One last thing. How best can I bring love to my father today, and healing to all?

By bearing witness to his emotional patterns too. See which are stimulated by the Universe, and which are propelled from his Puny-verse. That will give compassion to you both, and help you understand the ’emotional imprinting’ we will be looking at next in the PP. 

Ok. So, observe his emotional patterns and mine, and see which are stimulated by the Universe and which by the Puny-verse (or frozen emotions?).

You can apply this to everyone today. It will be good learning. Focus simply on observing emotional patterns. This will be enough. Enjoy the practice, and bring your loving compassion with you too. 


I am observing emotional patterns



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