Private 16: Absorb yourself with that which uLike (playing iLike)

Take the best bits forward and leave the rest behind. 

I love this. Exactly. I’ve got so so so much good stuff to take forward; and it’s clear to me what needs to drop away. It’s the stuff that overstimulates me and is obviously (I say obviously…) at odds with my inner being. I was listening to an Abraham podcast yesterday and reminded of the way we can read what is at odds with our inner being – it’s that feeling of tension or resistance…

What do you feel tense and resistant about?

Hustling… Ooh, that makes me teary… Funny, isn’t it? I work in negotiation, and yet, I don’t want to negotiate?

A clear opening position is the best starting point to any negotiation. 

And I’m rarely clear on my opening position…?

If you have a pot of jam on your stall – what flavour is it, and how much does it cost? 

And my stance is, ‘You can have any type of jam you like, and the prices vary according to… how much I think you have in your pocket!’


So clarity, now, on what I do and what I offer… And to that inner voice that thinks clarity is a risk, or that it will put some people off… Remain clear. Remain clear. Remain clear. This is my jam, and this is its price.

And this is how to leave ‘hustling’ behind. It doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate, it just means you’re not trying to use smoke and mirrors, or… importantly… be ‘all things to all people’.

“This is my jam, and this is its price.” I could weep at the simplicity of it.

Excellent. It’s about fairness to yourself. Be fair to yourself by naming your price. Not to name your price is to leave yourself open to being undervalued. Ok? It’s hard for a few seconds, but much less hard than dealing with hustling or being underpaid. Ok? 

Name my price.

Set out your stall, and then stand by it!

And take forward the things (jam flavour, services, work, activities) you really enjoy. Focus on those things – luxuriate in them, gain the benefit, absorb yourself with that with you like and love and appreciate and would have the Universe bring you more of… 

Today, say “iLike…” x 100… Tell ‘us’, the Universe, yourself, your subconscious mind.. what it is you like and want more of. You’ll get more of whatever you focus on, so you might as well focus on what uLike! 

We’re playing a game. Excellent. iLike such games!

Absorb yourself with that which uLike (playing iLike)

PS. iLike is such a good game. It changes the whole day – and presumably the days after it – by lifting one’s focus to the high-flying disc stuff. Saying it all out loud is even better than merely thinking it, because then you feel and embody the appreciation too. It’s about savouring all that is good: that which is around us, or we remember, or aspire to…. Ty for this game.


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