Private 2: Be of the playfully positive 1%

Can I ask you about my business entity?

Sure. Let’s go in. 


Ok. Helpful!

As AT carry on with the blogging DoDs along 3 tracks (and develop workshops), and – ooh interesting option – book December OUT for Carnival and Typesetting/Self-publishing the 3 books:

  • My new MEDS – tools for mental wellbeing
  • Good Chat – tools for having better conversations
  • CoDialogues – tools for facilitating dialogues

What do you say?


🙂 Ty. Is this really the case?

Share tools – for fun, for learning, for discernment, for freedom, for relief…! To stop ‘impressing’ others – ah, what blessed relief you will feel this year as you leave ‘impressing’ behind. Impressing yourself on others has exhausted and saddened you. Offering up tools is a different matter: it’s like being the person standing on the roadside at a marathon holding out cups of water to passing runners – those runners who do need water will scoop a cup up gratefully and run on; those who don’t will pass by…but still be touched and encouraged by the support. Do you see? This is what you have wanted for so long! This is freedom from self-doubt, because there is an abundance to sharing tools freely! 

Re DoDs Ltd – ASK what your options are! Learn about running companies, once and for all! 

And for now…?

Be of the positive 1% on this planet, and be playful about it. Play gently with the idea that nothing ‘matters’ because there is no ‘matter’. Relax, loosen up, play nicely – and in this way will you generate upflow for the planet and the people around you. Upflow is the stimulation of frequencies of joy, relief, confidence, courage, optimism, determination, acceptance and receiving. It is hopping on the high-flying disc and letting it carry you across marvellous landscapes like a magic rug in heaven! 

Be of the playfully positive 1%


Next day:


May I fly high in playfulness today and be commited to sharing my tools with others. May I throw myself into the generosity of this work. May I play nicely all day long with spirit and joy. May I commit to SPEAKING TO OTHERS (via email) with freedom, clarity and TRUTH. Bless Nicci on this day. Bless Roy. Bless all our family. Peace upon this planet. Amen.


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