Private 3: Know that you are so deeply loved.

What do I need to know today?


Know that you are so deeply loved. If you could but comprehend the amount of love that flows from Source to You at any one second you would keel over. Your task across a life time – this goes for all humans – is to develop the capacity to recognise your own perfect lovableness. Yes, even though xyzabc123… Yes, in spite of and because of allllll those wonderful aspects of your humanity. Fallen angels all. The Fall from Grace was designed to give you each the immense gift of feeling, experiencing and bathing in the recognition that you were never of the unforgiven. Can you comprehend that? This is the purpose of this journey: to discover your perfection was intact all along. Because once you really see how perfect you are, you will melt into a thousand tears of acceptance, recognition and joy. 

Beautiful. Thank you. What does this mean for us on a day to day basis?

In every activity, recognise you can take one of two perspectives: 

  • I am in the wrong here and must do something to make up for the deficit
  • Here I am in perfect completeness

Try it. 



TFW I am so deeply loved then everyone else I meet is too…. Hello person on the street – you are so deeply loved. Hello funny colleague of mine – you are so deeply loved.

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