MEDS Day 76: Today I am just tracking my MEDs…

MEDS Trackers Jan2019: Day: Sat
Med&Ex: Download Hour – Med | Aerobic | Qigong 0:0:0
Diet: Chopchopchop – mindful, plant-based food YES
Sleep: Sleepstate: 9Screens, 10Books No
Med minutes 1
Active minutes 0
Steps 5570
Food: A pretty good Low Carb High Fat day. 🙂

9am: Berocca/linseed shot; tea

12: sausage&courgette; tea; dried fruit w dark choc

3: cucumber with pate and cheese on top

8pm: chicken and veg stir-fry (no noodles); water; cranberry and sparkling water; nuts/100%choc; hot cashew milk and cacao powder (good antidote to carb cravings)

Eating window:

9am – 11pm

14 hour window! (I want to start thinking about reducing this to 8h)

Dry?  YES. Day 5
Screens off /
In bed (with books..) /
Sleep Window
00.58 – 8.33
Hours slept (as per FitBit data next morning) 6h42


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