Create 12: I am dropping safety anchors

What is alive in me? 

Yesterday on our 7 mile walk I played with daydreaming about travelling… for the SoD, with G / LV / ASV passim… giving week long H2D courses at other people’s retreats/conferences, and making films and writing along the way. I’d have one research question to put to everyone: What tools and techniques, concepts and skills, do you use in your forums of dialogue (1:1, group or public) to achieve effective problem-solving, dispute resolution and collaborative working? 

What would make life more wonderful…?

To get to the point where I am able to leave behind the ‘agency’ work… I did so well to create those relationships, and believe you me, I value them and they have been amazing in bringing me business and a livelihood in a way that made me feel safe and protected… I’m so grateful, eg for Bath Mind, MMF, CEDR, Resolve West, ASWM… But in the end, that is a case of me channelling my energy into building their brands, their resources, their capability. It’s time to initiate and build my own company now. It’s time. And didn’t quite cut the mustard for B2C work. The SoD will.

It’s time to plant and cultivate my own garden.

Let’s go in. I’d like to hear you.

***7minMedwith Insight Timer***

I heard “I am dropping safety anchors” – as in Deb Dana and her exercises in retraining the polyvagal system to flow easily back to ventral vagal parasympathetic state. I should buy the book… Tell me more please.

Good morning. It is good to be in touch with you. We sensed your difficulties this morning. 

(I woke with a nightmare) Thank you.

The internal state is something to be worked with on the inside and the outside. The inside work is the meditation and thought-framing. The outside work involves creating a life space in which you can flourish and thrive. This involves, especially for those recovering from old traumas, putting down markers in your world that show you, prove to you, remind you.. that you are SAFE. 

So what are my safety anchors?

Your working and living spaces, which are every more set up by you to welcome you, rather than harass you. 

Ouch.. true!

Your processes, procedures and protocols for daily living, which equally, are ever more efficient in giving you a balance of action and rest. Your processes permit a homeostasis of the sympathetic and parasympathetic states, when you undertake them in the spirit of the monk. 

The monk?

The monk or nun knows their aim, and dedicates life, lifestyle and livelihood to it. 

And my aim?

Peace, unity, love and light. Right? 

Well, that does seem to be the recurring theme.

Then let’s own it. 

Just received one of my ‘Higher Self Says’ reminders on my phone: Flow Neutral. Zero Point.

That’s how the monastic is. Flowing, neutral and never far from that centred, balanced Zero Point of inner stillness and calm.

So the safety anchors are there to bolster you to enter and remain in the monastic state, where all energy flows, neutrally, to the Zero Point. 

With effortless ease.

Your Day Book is a safety anchor. Develop it today, and consider the need for ‘safety’ as you go. Note the ‘glimmers’ (v triggers – see Deb Dana flipbook) that your autonomic nervous systems associates with safety, playfulness and connectedness. 

You are safely connected in this world. Your safety anchors will show you this ever more. 

Ty. May I understand my safety anchors better every day, and place them at the heart of my days and weeks and years, so I am in charge of my own safety and wellbeing, and in no way swayed by the vagaries of the ‘outside’ world. My inside world is my defining state of being, and I call peace for myself. And therefore, for all beings.

I’m training staff at a homelessness hostel in mindfulness, and then straight after, managers in a defence multinational in employee mental health.

Drop anchor, drop anchor. You are more than capable to meet each challenge and opportunity today. 


I am dropping safety anchors


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