Create 44: I am flexing my NO muscle

Post number 44. My favourite number over the past decade or so…

Along with 33.

Yes! I lived in three consecutive houses with door numbers: 99, 33 and 33. 🙂

Big day today. 

Is it?

Sure is. We’re playing: YesThis! NotThis!

Are we now?

As you practised YesThis! over the weekend, you became aware of instances where you needed to own that your clear inner response was NotThis!

We spoke last time of the ‘timespin of NotThat!‘. Here we were referring to the tendency of the human mind to look at ‘that’ in the past or future or over there – and resist it… even though it isn’t actually present. And why does the mind do that? Because it believes in time. 

So let’s focus in on the exigencies of the Present Moment. In the Present Moment, there is very little to fear, partly because one can engage the Observer in us to say Yes and No to whatever IS. This means that we are simply ‘sorting and sifting’ using the one strongest tool in our toolbox – the intuition. 

Your intuitive knowing kicks in before you have time to reason. 

Hm… but neuroception (polyvagal theory) says that our pre-cognitive perception is fantastically threat sensitive…

Your intuitive knowing can tell if something is a Yes or a No, without having the reactive event associated with the amygdala. It’s likely that, if you are experiencing an amygdala trigger, you have already ignored a plethora of intuitive NOs.

Ok… I know where this is going. But saying NO to people when they can’t see the reason why is so uncomfy…. 🙁

🙂 Which is more uncomfy to you?:

  • a) Fleetingly saying NO, and sitting with their confused / rude / reactive / indifferent response for 5+ minutes. Or…
  • b) saying YES and spending hours churning through something of no net benefit to you? 

I need to flex my NO muscle…

This would be wise if you want to do the work you want to do.

Yesterday you dipped in to the memoirs of Peace Pilgrim. Think how often she would have had to say NO to people generously offering her their home and shelter; people begging her to come in from the cold; people offering her worldly goods and payments… She had a strong sense of DIRECTION. 

And values, and principles… And selfhood, and godhood… And faith. And personal dignity.

All this helped her to say NO to even the best-intentioned and seemingly most benign offers when they didn’t fit with her MISSION. 

This is my prayer. To be led, guided, strengthened and bolstered by a strong towards pull. Let this be clarified in me. Let my Heart ever guide my system. Let my Head become the servant to my Heart. May I attune myself to the dimensions of conscious evolution, and play my part. Amen.

I am flexing my NO muscle

#NoNotThis #TheIntuitiveNO #YesThis!NotThis!


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