Create 64: I am softening into wonder

Yesterday I practised ‘Wonder-Lusting’ starting by spotting Wonder-Full moments….

Wonder-Lusting – Part I – Spotting Wonder-Full Moments:
  • Post-qigong – garden vivid, sparkling, alive
  • ASV is here… in front of me!
  • ASV sees her father and baby brother for 1st time in 3 months
  • G & I talk about hard things, beautifully
  • Abraham-Hicks podcast in the woods makes my heart sing
  • Family Zoom with 3 generations – grandchildren delighting all
Wonder-Lusting – Part II – fantasising:

Abraham mentioned how Esther used to use her imagination on long drives at night or through less attractive areas, to ponder on developing her treehouse (eg making it 10 stories instead of 3), because the thinking about it was so very pleasurable.

So on my walk, I asked myself what wonder-full things I could/would ponder about, or, to reclaim a word that has maybe been overly-sexualised to our detriment, fantasise about.

These resulting notions may surprise anyone who knows me, and they make me self-conscious to share, but honestly I can lose myself delightedly in these fantasies, and I imagine that being in such a state of delight must be so good for the vibrational relationship we have with our future reality:

  • Having the power of flight, and swooping around on the treetops – as I used to do in my dreams…
  • Dancing flowingly and expansively and effortlessly around a huge space – whether ballet, polka, tango… – as if in a beautiful flowing dress
  • Nature communicating with me [I stumbled upon a deer in the woods mins after bringing this to mind – we had an encounter! <3]
  • The metaphysical world communicating with me (like Lorna Byrne, Esther Hicks, Diana Cooper, Theresa Caputo…) <3
  • [I’ll leave this blank for other notions to come to me…]


Last few mins before we pause this morning. I haven’t meditated today. I should say that, alongside yesterday’s good work, I was handling really tough depression… very wisely, kindly, self-compassionately and like a boss. Please give me words to help me develop my Wonder-Lusting today. I know it’s in the ‘rewiring my future space’, so yes, bring it on…

Sweet soul. Go in. Even for 5 minutes. We’ll give you something helpful. 


The real Wonder is that your Baseline Conscious Experience IS ‘WONDER’… All you need do is ‘unclamp’ the mind-state that contracts around the underlying Wonder.

  • Look at the child at play = wonder, in the present now moment.
  • Look at the adult at work = fret, stress, project, past/future.

At any given moment, by coming into the present now moment, that Wonder state can be re-accessed. 

Yes, the clamping… That’s what it was yesterday.

It’s tough stuff, we know. But you can retrain yourself to unclamp at the first given micro-signal of mental clamping. Just don’t accept  or tolerate it as a welcome state anymore; reject it as a function of your brain. Make ‘softening’ your default activity… and let the Wonder flow in. Soften into Wonder. That’s your route in, again and again. 

You’ll know you’ve softened when you hear yourself say, or the simplest things, “Wow, that’s wonderful.” 

Tysm. xxx

I am softening into wonder

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