Create 7: I am leaning into the Present Moment #VibrationalAwareness

The question “What do I know?” threw me into the strangest state yesterday. I felt out of sorts, under the weather, low, exhausted, searching – incredibly tender-hearted. I seemed completely powerless to do all but the most ‘urgent’ work… and ended up going to bed before midday. I felt a strong urge to watch the new Netflix series about NDEs and mediumship, ‘Surviving Death’ – and ended up watching 3 x 3h episodes across the day. It was the only thing that gave me comfort. But more than comfort – complete peace. A sense of home. 

What shall I do? I’ve been enamoured with the knowing of the life beyond since I was 17/18.

You forgot how to communicate with it ‘consciously’. And that is what you are ‘missing’ and yearning for. 

I knew completely yesterday that this was the unspeakable Answer to my question “What do I know?”. I know of… the life beyond and yet closer to us than our life vein. I stopped ‘bothering’ it because I tended to get attached to outcome. 

Stop. You are mentalising. What does MB say? 

Ay yes..! ‘Neither the physical nor mental aspects of our human experience have the capacity to engage any question whose answer is only available as a vibrational transmission. Therefore unless we reactivate our capacity to interact directly with our vibrational essence, we remain blind to these answers even when they are close to use than the air we breathe. Only through consciously shedding our blindness do we initiate the journey of awakening leading us from living unconsciously toward a conscious conversation with the unspeakable.’ (Alchemy of the Heart, Michael Brown, p11-2)

That’s us, right? Help me make this clear and concrete. Grant me hope, power, internal energy for this work of creation on the physical plane. Push me out into the world, bravely, boldly.

Are you granting permission to the vibrational consciousness to interact with you? 

I am granting permission to the vibrational consciousness of the highest frequencies of peace, unity, love and light to interact with me, and to guide and teach and inspire and prompt and nourish and educate and inform and coach me.

I am requesting that the highest frequencies of PULL be channeled through me via vibrational transmission for the highest good of All. I am asking that I get clearer about these processes, and really start to use them for action. I am healed now. So now it is time to put these knowings in to active practice. May I be of Use on this Earth.

Your power to pray has returned. This is a Good Step. Use this space here to pray, to communicate, with the world unseen, and you will make the progress you long for. 

I am asking, Holy Spirit of Light, that you inspire me, here, now, today and every day. I am asking that you grant me a modicum of ‘forgetfulness of self’ so that I can step forward confidently to act in the service of the All.

I am also asking that you bless and protect my precious children. Especially, tomorrow, hold Lucia in your eternal Light during her operation. Bless her doctors and nurses. Protect her spirit and grant her the love of all Ages at every moment of her procedure. Let her be held in the healing Light of Raphael. Amen.

The bridge of your vibrational transmission starts here. You know where it goes. Lean in to the power of the present moment to inform you.  

And is there anything else you would have me know, do or say today?

Lean in to the present moment. That is where the good stuff lies. Keep alive to the present moment. That is where vibrational awareness is attained. 

And my #SomethingNew today? My #Today’sCreation? #MyCreativeImpulse?

Was that ‘publish NVC?. Idk. Show me today, please…?

I’m going to imagine Spirit, or a spirit team, watching over my shoulder as I write. I’m going to use this to communicate with you all. And I’m asking for your help and direction please. I am wanting to simplify my life and act as a channel for Source to this world. I want my practice to be … powerful and bullet-proof, to ME. I want to know I am hitting the mark of bringing PULL. In whatever is best. It doesn’t have to be through ‘spiritual’ means. In fact, that’s where my mediation work is so powerful to me. It’s spiritual work, but not dressed as such. (Just like the work of a doctor/nurse…). But let me know I am hitting the mark. Educate me. Work with me. Let me work with you.

We will meet you in the Present Moment. Find your vibrational awareness there in every moment. You’ll ‘read’ us better that way. And we’ll speak more clearly through and to you. 

Will do. See you in the Present Moment.

I am leaning into the Present Moment #VibrationalAwareness


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