MEDS Day 13: Today I am biting back

Today I am biting back

Full day – packing and prepping a training day – and later driving through Spain and flying to the UK in the evening…

In brief, the day began with a strange dream in which a certain person (to remain nameless..) was playfully bugging me, but getting really out of hand, including spitting in my lap ‘as a tease’… Eventually he stuck his fore-finger in my mouth. I bit it. Hard. I was so surprised, I woke myself up. The image and tangible feeling was strong. I thought to myself, this dream is reminding me that it’s good to bite back. 

Mid-morning and our gorgeous neighbours pay a visit, bringing with them the new village cura (priest), who they (a non-Catholic, socialist couple) have fallen in love with and had wanted me to meet before I left. I made coffee for us all. Out of nowhere, this beautiful, extrovert, camp, radiant, soul-filled priest leans across the table and speaks to me, very directly. In Spanish he tells me that it would be GOOD for me to watch out for toxic people, psychic vampires, and push them away. We don’t need to be nice the whole time, he reminds me. We need to be ‘luz y sal, luz y sal, luz y sal….’ (light and salt…) – as if to say, yes, radiate light and sweetness, but then dust down with balancing/cleansing / purifying salt. I told him about my dream of ‘biting back’ at someone who was ‘molestandome’ (bugging me). He was taken aback – yes, that is what he had meant, he said! It was such a strange and simple and perfect coincidence. We were both very pleased with the moment. And the lesson.

Today I am biting back



Some reflecting meditation on the plane back to UK


15 min swim


Breakfast: Toast, egg, tomato, coffee

Lunch: Ham, salad, cheese, bread, coke

Evening: Airport – chicken caesar salad, orange juice; plane – Pringles, diet coke… M&S wrap… crisps…     8-/


Screens off: 1am

Lights out: 1am

Wake up the next day: 7am

Total sleep: 6 h


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