MEDS Day 12: Today I am settling

Today I am settling

Sometimes we find ourselves looking to connect with others at the level of the soul, don’t we?

Such connectivity is the natural state. 

How can this state be attained on a more regular or permanent basis?

By faith. By faith in the natural course of relationships maturing. 

What relationships?

All of your relationships are playing out over ‘time’-  with souls who are also (like you) maturing (evolving)… over ‘time’. It’s a multiplying effect. 

What do I need to do today to work with this… opportunity? … for greater soul connectivity? To have greater faith in the natural maturation of relationships?

Be. Still. Now. 

Again… Yes. I’m agitated because I have a work deadline to meet today, amongst the house-move packing…

Go inside and complete the meditation you promised yourself today. 

Hm? Ah, just do the ‘daily’ practice, eh?

Go inward. Be still now. Find perspective. Settle and calm the interiorised mind. This is the practice. 


Today I am settling



10 min listening meditation


20 min swim


Breakfast: Toast, ham, cheese, tortilla de patata, coffee

Lunch: Roast chicken, potatoes, veg, coke

Evening: 2 beers, glass of wine, salad :///


Screens off: 12.30

Lights out: 12.30

Wake up the next day: 7.30am (awake for at least an hour)

Total sleep: 6h


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