MEDS Day 17: Today I am…[astonished]

Today I am…[astonished]

Yesterday saw unexpectedly me appearing on the main national television news, at 6pm and 10pm, being interviewed in my home by the BBC Deputy Political Editor about…. my being on benefits/welfare. I’ll reflect on this extraordinary fact more tomorrow (Sat)…

Today I am responding to messages from long-lost friends/relatives – and the odd kind/stalky stranger – making contact to say they saw me. I finally went outdoors, and the first person I walked past when I got out of my car was an acquaintance from choir, who instantly said, “I saw you on telly last night!”

What happened yesterday?!



15m silence – prayerful today.


None (! … I am so exhausted, and tense, and in need of unravelling, and I’m fact losing condition… I’ve downloaded a Walking app – will look into that tomorrow…)


Coffee with cream

Brunch: 3 sausages, rice

Evening: Roast pork, broccoli, fries, 2 ciders, ice cream ://


Screens off: 11pm

Lights out: 11.30pm

Wake up the next day: 6.30am

Total sleep: 7h


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