MEDS Day 22: Today I am keeping it simple

Today I am keeping it simple.

I’m off to a conference on End of Life, and ‘brave conversations’, today. It is so much my heartfelt spot. I will be amongst clinicians and hospital managers. I will be representing an End of Life charity. I am due to facilitate part of the day. I hope to do well. (I am also so tired and have a stinking cold.) Your gentle advice?

Talk about what you do… very simply. No jazz-hands. No persuading others  of your credibility. Softly. Simply. Gently. 

Ok. Keep it simple…. Ty.

Today I am keeping it simple.



Mindful breathing exercise in the car on journey to conference.


None 🙁


Coffee with cream.

Breakfast: chicken, stock, broccoli, tomato, cannelloni beans.

Lunch: Salad, beef chilli, rice, fruit, 1 small eclair (at conference)

Evening: Homemade sausage casserole, G&T, lemon-soda.


Screens off: 11.30pm (flurry of lovely family messages/calls 9-10.30pm…)

Lights out: 11.30pm – too late! Missed the tide of that small drop of melatonin.

Wake up the next day: 7.30am, exhausted… cancelled plans

Total sleep: Broken night / still got a cold – 7h?


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