MEDS Day 23: Today I am flying under the radar

So, I did keep it pretty simple yesterday. And it was lovely, because actually some really nice serendipitous things happened that, quite possibly, my jazz-handing would have ‘seen off’. There really is a lesson here in resting on the ‘timeline’ of my best life…. relaxed, receptive, trusting, peaceful. Only in that state and frequency, and in the ‘ownership’ of that timeline, can the good stuff flow in.

I thought I had to leap ‘above the radar’ (‘jazz-hand) to get noticed and trusted and saved by those who might ‘make life safe’ for me…. but actually, flying below the radar is cosier, it’s closer to earth, it’s easier to put one’s foot down and rest….

I don’t think ‘flying under the radar‘ means being silent. Far from it. It’s more about being, perhaps, true, authentic, open, modest, appreciative of others, straight-forward, unabashed, honest, unpretentious? It’s not quite about being ‘vulnerable’, but it is about owning who one is. For example, my LinkedIn post, coming out about being on benefits for my poor mental health (actually written as a damage-limitation exercise before that BBC interview went out on TV last week) has attracted more ‘likes’ than anything else I’ve ever written. Humans like humans, not automatons or archetypes. Yes?

Equally, I feel some relief, about having to put less energy into masking, and into ‘puffing up’ a persona which is not mine. I can reclaim some of that previously externally-channelled energy for me.


The timeline conversation is a helpful one. You are aware of vibrating to one frequency or another…

And my highly-sensitised, easily-inflamed brain keeps shimmying me on to a frequency of… I want to say ‘high dudgeon’. [Dudgeon: a state of anger, resentment, or offence] Ha! I’m beyond that conscious emotional state, I’d like to think…but this term kind of exemplifies the recoiled nature of my brain when inflamed. Like a medieval maiden fleeing the castle. And my heart too. (I was reading Joe Dispenza / Heart Math Insitute on neuro-cardiology yesterday.)

So the timeline of ‘peace, wellbeing, relaxation, receptivity’ is one to practise, right?

Ah, yes. Hence, the practice of peaceful/mindful/conscious meditation, exercise, diet and sleep. You gotta do it, right? For the whole being to shimmy and slide consistently on to the peaceful timeline. It’s like you’ve got to imprint it time and again on your being, for the permanent shift of frequency to take place. I heard a talk on Insight Timer last night, about ‘sauntering through life’. Is that about right?

Before sauntering, we stop. Rest. Recoup. 

Am I addicted to those stressy, fried frequencies?

Does it feel uncomfortable to ‘stop’?

Yes… I know what you mean. It does. Twitchy, angsty. Easier to keep the locomotive moving. Yearning to leap out of the stillness and cartwheel across the room. OR…. to stop by dissociating and zoning out. (eg on the phone)

So, yes. In answer to your question about being addicted to the stress chemicals. Which is helpful, isn’t it? Because you are excellent at dealing with addictions. 

That is very kind of you. Only because I am so prone to them.

But you know what to do. 

With addiction and craving? Ride through the discomfort. Connect with things/people which fill my soul. Addictive behaviours are often a misfired attempt at filling the hole in the soul, right? 


Thanks. So, today?

You were flying under the radar.

Yes, which I guess I deemed to be better than trying to leap frog over the rainbow.

You are a master of mixed metaphors. 

I shall take that as a compliment. 🙂

It is equally about relaxing so that you become less dense, which allows you to ‘rise’ (like a hot air balloon) back to the original (“long-forgotten” RT p502) timeline of peace, upon which you were born.

Ah, so relaxing down (under the radar) to become less dense/tense/compacted … in order to naturally float up to the natural (peaceful) frequency again.


Today I am flying under the radar.



18 mi. Freestyle stretches while listening to this:


15 mins with Insight Timer


18 mins freestyle stretch

1h walk in sunshine


Coffee with cream, cereal in a jar

Brunch: Sausages, sauerkraut, tea.

Snack: TWO huge packets of crisps (NB. carb carvings mind-afternoon…)

Evening: Cottage pie ready meal, green veg. G&T.


Screens off: 11pm

Lights out: 11.15pm

Wake up the next day: 5.15am (alarm set for 6.30… doing training today & still got cold)

Total sleep: c5h


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