MEDS Day 4: Today I am in the steady state

So today I started with the meditation, to get myself settled after my under-slept night. I felt prayerful, hopeful and a bit full of yearning. It’s Saturday and I wanted insight as to how to set my day up for the best outcomes – which of course added a layer of ‘thought’… The theme of organisation seemed to arise, as in an organised qi field, an organised home, organised energy fields… What do I need to know today?

Your longing for organisation in the physical realm matches your readiness for internal organisation, which means a simplification of the inner world. The ‘inner being’ is a very simple, quiet, knowing entity, and you are getting ready to align with it. This means the abandonment of ‘complexity’, as you touched upon yesterday. 

Yes, I dart between my home, my work list, my email inbox, my phone and my inner world, trying to pin down some sense of organisation, like a game of whack-the-rat…. and often it seems only to stir up more nonsense. According to Reality TransurfingI guess I’m generating ‘excess potential’ and triggering ‘balanced forces’ – like my clearing the floor, and then the cat tipping over an entire set of shelves…. So what’s the antidote?

We lean into inner organisation. We sense the steady internal state, and we let it run for a bit as we go about our business. We observe what happens and how we feel when that state is ruffled or prodded at. The aim of the game is to maintain the steady state. 

Like a swan – stately and graceful.

But with no under-water paddling. Let the flow of the stream carry the swan. The swan can tuck her feet up. 

Yes, I see. So, I can move through the sea-weed (and tend to the tasks)…but I withhold paddling. Or smacking my hands on the water. Or being the fly bumping into the window… (Transurfing concepts)

If you can, yes. Smooth, steady state. You will see it reflected in the people you see today. 

Smooth, steady state… like a swan floating downstream. Is that the phrase for today?

Simply focus on steadiness; play with the feeling of it. Let it in, playfully. Softly. Smoothly.

Thank you. That’s nice.

Today, I am in the steady state



This was powerful and centring, especially with the addition of some self-administered reiki to heart and head, to help them align with the high-frequency sounds of the tiny (high) bowls.  Today I focussed on breath (including some core muscle contracting with in-breath) and at times imagined myself as part of a circle of meditators, which gave added focus. 30 minutes of meditation always makes all the difference: it’s both luxury and necessity.

30 min Tibetan bowls meditation


Cleaning (hoovering and mopping) 2hrs

Walk to the valley: 1 hr ??☀️??

Party: Dancing til 1am! ?? ?✨


Coffee with cream: 2 scoops (and a smidge) of coffee => great progress

Brunch: leftover fish and greens



Screens off: n/a

Lights out: 2.30am

Wake up the next day: 10.45am

Total sleep: 8 hours – wondrous


The steady state is coherent, right? I like it, and I love the statement, “I am in the steady state.” I took it with me to the party we went to, and it allowed me to relax more, and be more my authentic self.

“I am in the steady state.”

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