MEDS Day 42: Today I am experiencing how easy my life is now

I am grateful for yesterday’s…

  • meditation
  • journey to London on the train
  • writing
  • accompaniment (remotely) by my Love
  • sense of ease….
  • free London hotel and train!
  • pizza and beer

My guided meditation from Insight Timer was brilliant yesterday. It gave me this rich phrase:

“Attend neutrally”

Out of meditating in that state, a new state arose as I got myself out of the house and off for my train trip to London. It went like this…

“My life is so easy these days…”

And I just kept riffing on that phrase internally, introducing it to various moments in my day: “It’s so easy to travel on this train. It’s so easy to walk instead of take the tube. I’ve had my train and hotel covered for me – my life is so easy these days….” And my goodness, the softening that is occurring in me. Just so nourishing. The resistance to life and ‘what is’ is fading away in me… The realisation of ease is dawning.

I’ll be brief today as I’m off to speak about my experience of mental health recovery at a big conference… Eek! Eeeeeeaaaaasssssyyyyyy does it.

Today I am experiencing how easy my life is these days.



20 mins of MEDITATION? NO



#STEPS : 10k – walk instead of tube



DRY today?  NO

MORNING: Hotel ham, egg, muesli, yoghurt; conference salmon & salad

EVENING: sausage roll canapes, power bowl at Burrito place, wine, pint of cider

Being a carb-dodger all my life is just going to have to become ingrained (forgive the pun) in me… I will eventually give in to this way of life and be pleased with it. Likewise, being an alcohol-dodger... that needs to settle in me when it can.


IN BED WITH MY BOOKS BY 10pm? NO – super wired by my day

Screens off:    1      Lights out: 1

Wake up the next day:       7             Total sleep: 6h

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