MEDS Day 58: Today I am saying “My time is my own”

I am grateful for the-day-before-yesterday’s….

  • joyous day of love, kindness, warmth
  • learning about ‘downloading the frequency of love’
  • thoughts about one’s ‘one purpose’ and being able to raise a high enough flag to be visible as one’s self
  • this revised version of the personal credo or one purpose:

“Everyone can be happy.

People, creativity and nature bring happiness.

And of all things that foster happiness, love comes first.”

And I am grateful for yesterday (no written post)…:

  • time with my Love
  • getting things done gently
  • pondering further on ‘downloading the frequency of love’
  • tidying up
  • planning for the getting things done by the end of the year (that wall-planner is working well)
  • watching The Minimalists documentary on Netflix – gorgeous! See
  • the realisation that, like author Dan Brown says, ‘moving from sleep-state to writing’ as swiftly/smoothly as possible is the best way for writing. I gave myself permission to fend off comms with the external world til 2pm on days when my time is my own. eg today.

So, dear Voice of Wisdom, in this beautiful, protected, post-sleep-state early morning time, please can we discuss this notion of ‘downloading the frequency of love’? What is it, and how does it fit with the MEDS Project? I’m conscious that I’m still working on understanding my physical health. My adrenal fatigue is much, much better and my spirits are high (I’m in love!) – but I need to build physical strength, I need to cleanse and detox further, I need to lay in the habits for a healthy middle age. 

You ask the relationship between ‘downloading the frequency of love’ and building your physical health. They are intimately linked. The frequency of love is a frequency of light: it is a very high frequency, which in itself is cleansing, clearing, catalysing, creative. The cell structures are affirmed by this frequency; the energy system is reinforced and given the breath of life by this frequency. Why are you not doing qigong? Because you think it’s about getting a slimmer stomach… Because you do not yet understand that focussed qigong (as you practised last year) is the most direct way you can simultaneously download love and health into your system. If you understood the power of focussed, mindful qigong, you would dedicate time to it every day, gratefully, hungrily, delightedly. 


A ‘daily hour of downloading’ would change your life in one week: 

  1. 20 mins of meditation
  2. 20 mins of trotting (fast walking or jogging) / trampolining / weights / yoga – whatever warms up the body and gives the heart a stir – an Aerobic Burst
  3. 20 mins of focussed qigong 

Really? And in that order?

In that order. Yes. 

‘Download Hour.’

If you like.  It’s quicker than going to the gym, or a class. All it takes is your devoted commitment to its daily practice. Come. What. May. You watched The Minimalists – they look at what happens when you switch up life so you need to work less, and live more. You Have Done That. Your work precisely allows you to have mastery over your use of time, and to work intensively in bursts. Congratulations. Now, to learn to fill the time wisely. With dedication to your purpose: Love Comes First. This includes Love of your beautiful body, and awareness of the fact that as you absorb the frequencies of love, and light, you (all) bring greater Love into the planet. ie. It’s not about getting a flat stomach. Though, if that floats your boat, you get that too. 

Lovely. And what about downloading the frequency of love and the theme of Diet? Brainmaker / Intermittent Fasting… What’s the score here? 

Chop, chop, chop. Keep chopping the organic, green food, dear soul. Your body absorbs the love of the organically-grown green plant, with huge relish. When you are absorbing only lovingly-produced food, you need not worry so much about strict protocols of timing. 

I see… And fasting though. That’s good, no? Gives the body a rest?

It does – when you are steady enough to fast. For now, look at the meals you cook, and refine them. Eat mindfully, gratefully, appreciatively, humbly. Imbibe the love. Think ‘plant-based’. Love your vegetables. (Not grains – vegetables and legumes) With a smattering of meat, oil and probiotics, vegetables are the basis of all you need. 

Vegetables first. Vegetables first. Vegetables first. Organic. Crowding out the other stuff. Mindfully.  Gratefully. Appreciatively. Humbly…

So, downloading the frequency of love into my body is achieved by:

  1. Download Hour (Med / Aerobic Burst / Qigong)
  2. Chop, chop, chop

That covers M. E. and D. And Sleep?

For Sleep: the 9pm screen curfew still stands, followed by ‘I am in bed with my (uplifting) books by 10pm’. This is the perfect prep for getting into a love-downloading dream state (for you, for now – it could be even better, but this will do beautifully for now).

Ok. So. In sum, downloading the frequency of love into my body can be achieved by this daily formula:

  1. Download Hour (Med / Aerobic Burst / Qigong) 
  2. Chop, chop, chop 
  3. 9pm screens-off and ‘In bed with my books by 10pm’

Would it be worth doing a spread sheet, or chart on the wall, for December? This would mirror the coloured boxes below, but give a clear indication of the build-up of good practice over days. Also, I really would like to invest in a Fit-Bit again, and map hours slept, and steps taken, and minutes of aerobic exercise… That works well for me.

Studying data on a wallchart in December will be effective. 

And the FitBit.., Let’s do it today.

Once you’ve done the wallchart. 

Ok. Time to get busy… I’ll be back…


…Wow… looking into my Google Drive for old wallchart templates… Do you remember the Tresiliance Project (link to template here) I designed for myself in 2014/15? Amazing…! I love it.

TRESILIANCE PRoject – daily pattern:

  • Trauma Release – 5am
  • Extreme Self-care – 6am
  • Into Limbo (getting mundane admin done, I recall) –  7.15 – 12pm
  • Invigorating Attention 12-5pm
  • Nurturing & Nourishing 5-8pm
  • Calming Exercise 8pm
  • Practise Reverence 9pm

I actually have so many templates for ordering daily life… Amazing. But this is just about tracking. Gently does it. Ok, a new wallchart…

Here we are:

MEDS Tracker Dec2018
MEDS Tracker Dec2018


I’ll print this and put it on my wall. That way, across December, I can track daily, both here on a per day view, and on my bedroom wall, on a per week view.

Thank you for this. Anything else today? Theme for today?

Say: “My time is my own”

Ooh… Crunchy. Yes… I’ve been so inclined to give it up, or rent it out, or sell it, or give it away… to feed others’ aims and purposes. I’ve felt that working is about ‘making yourself available’. I’ve been working on this.

My time is my own. And I can use it towards my own goals and aims. Which are…?

  1. Financial security (for peace of mind and income as a marker of adding value to the planet) 
  2. Love Comes First (downloading the frequency of love)


Today I am saying “My time is my own”, and using my time to support my goals of financial security and downloading the frequency of love. This is it. This is real. Life is short. No more time to pretend I don’t feel this way, or prioritise these themes.

Sing it, sister. 

Today I am saying “My time is my own”


MEDS Trackers Dec2018 (chart here
Med&Ex: Download Hour – Med | Aerobic | Qigong Yes
Diet: Chopchopchop – mindful, plant-based food Mainly
Sleep: Sleepstate: 9Screens, 10Books No – Friday..?
Med minutes 20
Aerobic minutes 10
Steps 8400
Food eaten:

  • Coffee & cream; muesli
  • Peas, egg, bacon, mayo (keto :))
  • Fish & Chips (family treat)
  • 2 x beer
Dry?  No
Screens off 1.15am
In bed with books /
Hours slept (as per next morning) 7.5h


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