MEDS Day 77: Today I am sensing joy in my heart

I am grateful for yesterday’s achievements, blessings, confirmations….

  • Starting decluttering for our house move in mid-Feb – it’s begun!
  • G amazingly unpacking my huge box of old laptops and phones, plugging everything in, firing it up… and saving gigabytes of precious data for future use. Oh my goodness what a blessing. Especially the photos of and by my girls, and my beloved Mum.
  • G’s epic stir-fry – making going carb-free feel like a darned treat…

‘Sensing the heart’ has been a really good practice…

It was time to return to the practice. 

What about this ‘charitable heart’ business?

Rectification of error. You know what an impact errors make upon life. It is charitable to support others in rectifying errors. And thus can you rectify your own. 


Psychologically, as much as karmically. 

I ask you, with a prayerful heart, for guidance on this.

‘Hallelujah, anyhow’

We sang this in choir… I love this song.

♪ Hallelujah Anyhow ♪ (official lyrics)

I believe I’ll testify
God’s been good to me
Through every test and trial
I’ve got the victory
The enemy has tried his best
To make me turn around me bring me down
But my God’s never failed me yet
So I’m gonna stand my groundNo matter what comes my way
I’ll lift my voice and say
Hallelujah anyhow’.Wait a minute one more time
Think I’ll say it again
God’s been so good to me
And He’s my closest friend
I’ve come to far to turn around now
I’m gonna stand I’m gonna wait
Watch God work it out somehowNo matter what comes my way
I’ll lift my voice and say
Hallelujah anyhow’…

Prayer emanates from the heart when it is uplifted – uplifted ‘anyhow’. Falling in to the happy cracks between our seriousness is a vital part of rolling into a state of ‘charitable heart’. No one needs more dour charity. The best charity comes in a spirit of freely-given and -received JOY. So set yourself today, to the work of sensing JOY in your heart, and feeding it’s kindling flame. 
Today I am sensing joy in my heart.
MEDS Trackers Jan2019: Day: Sunday
Med&Ex: Download Hour – Med | Aerobic | Qigong Nope
Diet: Chopchopchop – mindful, plant-based food YES
Sleep: Sleepstate: 9Screens, 10Books Nope
Med minutes 0
Active minutes

9am: Berrocca/linseed shot; muesli; tea

Eating window:


Screens off
In bed (with books..)
Sleep Window
Hours slept (as per FitBit data next morning)


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