MEDS Day 79: Today I am learning to be loved

I am grateful for the achievements, blessings, confirmations of the weekend:

  • As per the encouragement of the last Dialogue: on Saturday, I got out for a beautiful walk in nature, and basked in the snowy hill views and bright sunshine – after which I had a brief power nap in the arm chair, and then happily did 3 hours work (law firm follow up), and a little bit of packing before G arrived.
  • On Sunday, G and I did masses of decluttering. I’m amazed when I look at what I’m managing to thank and decide to release (thanks for the beautiful example, Marie Kondo). When I think of lugging those items into my future life I recoil. So, old and tired items are not coming with me to my future life, and that feels good and dignified (especially as I’m recycling/donating carefully). Easier to do now I know I have some money to replace items… so the timing must be right for these big sort outs.

What other good decisions can I make today? I’m off to see my father very shortly, to record him talking about his work (for the first time).

You can decide to love him (your father) with all your heart and soul. 

Wow. That’s powerful. Thank you.

To love and serve our elders, and especially those who gave us life, is paramount to the human’s development. It is the essence of appreciation for this life we have been born into. It requires forgiveness and a sin-concealing eye. It requires humility. It requires the ability to look into ‘what is’ and dismiss our ideas of ‘what should have been’. 

I will meditate on that as I drive up to his house. Thank you very much for these insights. I know where they sit in me… I’m grateful for this opportunity to learn to do it right, or at least better…

You are much loved. Few people on the planet love you as fully or as deeply (as does your father). Feel that. Let it in. Cherish and absorb his love. 

As you well know, a parent’s love is a selfless love. But a wise child learns to interact with that love, and learn by it, and be nurtured and transformed by it. The love of parent to child is, literally and metaphorically, a divine love. It is the love of Source for the created Being. Mingle with that love, stand in its pools, and be transformed by the loving gaze of God. 

Today I am…

Learning to be loved

Wow. OK.

Today I am learning to be loved.

Oh gosh. I just remembered as I put the date in to the box… Today is the 10 year anniversary of my beloved Mum’s stroke. This is why I suggested today to be with my Dad – though I didn’t mention that to him at the time.

Let your father love you as your mother did. Approach him. Let his love for you be paternal and maternal. Your mother is with you. 

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