MEDS Day 84: Today I am saying ‘Let’s make things better.’

As advised last time, I’ve been building in a daily focus on Sleep, Qigong and Nature Walks. Switching off for going to sleep, as ever the hardest, especially as I’ve had early work starts which ironically make it harder for me to turn my light off in good time. But my goodness, the daily qigong and nature walks… Powerful stuff. Very settling. Also so effective for ‘unstressing/untraumatising’ my body after intense conflict resolution work. Good restoration practices for the empathic types who take on a lot.

Just a brief check in today, as I’m a bit behind schedule. I’ve been marvelling at the things of the world. The goodness… The love. The kindnesses. The happiness growing here, there and everywhere.

Today we are working with  the concept of ‘making things better’.

How shall I best slide into this concept?

Just simply by saying, ‘let’s make things better’. It’s a softening and strengthening practice. It is fully compassionate to self, to other and to those external conditions which seem displeasing. It is an antidote to the brain’s flagging alert signals against ‘threat’, ‘disorder’, ‘chaos’, ‘lateness’, ‘undoneness’… The LMTB frame of mind says, let’s take what we have (lovingly) and make it better (lovingly). It invites, and develops, the DOER frame of mind we discussed in recent days. It goes like this: ‘Ok, I can see this undecided thing… Let’s decide, organise, execute and reflect on the result.’ And what’s the result? Simply this: we’ve made something better. Easy. Gentle. Satisfying. And…repeat. 

Ok! I like it. I’m moving house in 5 days…! There’s lots to do. So making things better would include… feeling like things are… ready for the move.

Good. Know that every intentional action you take today will, will, will make things better. Let that give you a sense of relief, of patience, of not rushing or straining. Every intentional action (in the spirit of DOER) will simply, gently, bit-by-bit make things better. But especially if you bring a soft, confident, intentional state to it. 

No slapping hands on the water, or being a fly buzzing at the window pane.

Slowly, softly, cleanly, confidently. When you look around and see ‘chaos’, say to yourself gently, as you would to a child with a broken toy or a hurt knee: ‘Let’s make things better.’

Thank you. Lovely.

Today I am saying ‘Let’s make things better.’

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