MEDS Day 85: Today I am listening to things

Today, Valentine’s Day 2019, dear soul of my being, marks ten years to the day since my beloved Mum died, at the impossibly young age of 65. May she know how much we loved and love her, and have missed her comforting, humour-filled, nurturing physical presence these ten years. May she know that I often wonder if it is her gentle, guiding hand behind some of the many magical things that have occurred for us as a family in this past decade. May she know that I offer up my heart in prayerful communion to her today, and reach out my love to her, and ask that the Light may illuminate her soul yet ever more brightly across all dimensions of time and space. Thank you, beloved Mum, for the incredible family you created with your strength, selflessness and love. Be well and filled with joy, wherever you are.

And on the subject of magical things, today I move in with the sweet love of my life. We get the keys to the most gorgeous countryside cottage, where we, and our children, can live, work and be together. May our time together be ever enriched, joyful and up-lifting. May G and I learn to do the Work together. May our home and union be ever blessed, guided and illuminated.

Furthermore, on this day of days, let me gently note, it’s 45 years to the day since the death of beautiful Deni Prieto-Stock, killed by the Mexican army in 1974 at the age of 18.

Also the anniversary of the untimely deaths of the mother of my sister-in-law, and of the brother of my stepmother.

What a day is today. As the world marks romantic love, let spiritual love for one another fill our hearts. May all sadnesses be released, all traumas healed, all wounds forgiven, all loving hopes realised.

Yesterday I worked with saying ‘Let’s make things better’ (LMTB). It was good – it gave me patience as I worked with the huge job of clearing my work pile and packing up this house with it’s enormous amount of paper-based archives… The archives make me feel heavy, and yet I feel there’s a role for them in the future. There is so much gold in there. Especially in terms of the story of our family. Only, as I gathered from doing some clearing out with my beautiful eldest, not everyone wants to recall or ‘dig up’ the earlier journey. What to do about this feeling of the burden of paper (email print outs, mementos, photos, books, 130+ diaries…), and my longing to reflect on and celebrate the past, and my sense that others want to let it go, and my concern about letting it go, and my determination not disrespectfully to ‘out’ people on our shared past times….?

Am I really going to digitise these things, these paper objects? Or write them up?

As the lady on Youtube says: “putter through the clutter”. You need to be present to the things, and give them your time and attention, to be able to discern what they mean to you now. You can’t ‘attack’ personal papers/archives. 

I’ve run out of time before the move…!

Have you? Why not pack up ‘everything else’ asap today, and then discover what time you might have left. You also have all the time in the world at the next house, if you can make a project of it. Ask yourself: What is this for? What is the potential benefit? 

I think I have a bent towards making ‘art’ out of my past.

Interesting. In what sense? 

The celebration of human relationships. The ‘radical love’ project……………

Oh lordy…. Ayudame en esto….

Peace and gentleness are required. And deep listening. Listen, intuit, respond. 

So I can tune in to things, and listen? Intuit that which they are telling me?

Why not? You get the keys to a new house today. Why not practise there? 

Listen. Listen. Listen…

Ok. I’m going to listen to Weightless for my morning meditation, to start off the theme of Listening today.

If yesterday we were ‘making things better’, today we are ‘listening to things’ – as they are, and as they would be heard. 

It feels quite Marie-Kondo-Shinto-esque…

Maybe it is. Would you agree all things are animated by consciousness?

Maybe they are… Let me work with that today… Let me listen to the things…

Today I am listening to things.

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