MEDS Day 87: Today I am learning heart coherence

Yesterday I worked with I am learning and discerned even more ongoing learnings…

I AM Learning…

  • To use meditation and qigong to sense out, and settle in, the parasympathetic state – as a precursor to my day.
  • To be willing to accept my past errors – without self-judgment or recoiling – but with half-curious, half-disinterested observation.
  • To relax, chill out, go with the flow, push less, receive more…
  • To live with another… This is a beautiful new phase.
  • To trust
  • Humility
  • Humility and trust
  • Confidence, faith, remarkable confidence
  • To create the right frequency, internally and in my environment, to get things done in the best spirit

What else might I learn?

  • To quieten the heart, and let it sit softly, in coherence. 

Ah, as in Heart Math.

As in Heart Math. Yes. Heart coherence is your next gift to yourself. 

Really? Tell me more.

You’ve worked with physiology a good deal. But you’ve done it alone. With your companion present now, it will be easier to settle, settle, settle into that ongoing settled, grounding, embedding… state of heart coherence. 

Ty. I will play with that today. It’s my last (major!) day of packing before the final move tomorrow. I would do well to centre-stage my dear heart today, and keep it feeling cherished, soft, held… Like a happy baby in a papoose.

Today I am learning heart coherence. 


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