MEDS Day 86: Today I am learning

Yesterday I listened in to the new house, to the birds of our new garden, to the rooms in the house, and the elements in them… It was a good way to greet the new house, and start to learn its ways, and introduce myself to it. I like to be ever more in the receptive mode, dancing freely in the flow of growth, evolution, fun… As Mum always said: “It’s got to be FUN!”

Today, I am clear: I AM LEARNING….

  • With a beginner’s mind
  • To enjoy the wave of good fortune
  • To let the good flourish under my gaze
  • To see that everything really is unfolding wonderfully
  • To reality transurf
  • To ‘light up’ my next chosen sections of the alternatives space
  • To let in, and to walk into… my heart’s intention
  • To unite heart and mind behind my purposeful intention
  • To allow, to allow, to allow… my vortex to bring forth that which I’ve stored in it
  • To know my self-worth
  • To reflect the immense worth of us all
  • To walk side by side with my love
  • To share life with a companion. Wow. This.
  • To receive love, and to give it
  • To stand firm and upright on behalf of what is good, possible and loving
  • To do the Work with a light heart
  • To be empty to the ‘problems’
  • To let the jester jump
  • To accept the support, help, magical solutionising of thus benevolent, loving, giving universe
  • To learn

Today I am learning


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