MEDS Day 89: I am moving from ‘hapless’ to ‘hap-full’.

I have noticed in myself a slight tendency to talk, and especially talk about myself, with a tinge of haplessness. What even does that mean precisely..? I checked. Gulp…

“Hapless literally means what you’d expect it to mean: “without hap”-“hap” being another word for “fortune” or “luck.” Hap derives from the Old Norse word for “good luck.” (“Happen” and “happy” are also descendants of the same ancient root word.)

That’s spot on. I’m still too often ready to point out my ‘lot’ – ‘…did it again’, ‘shouldn’t have…’, ‘they wronged me’, ‘I wronged myself..’.

Wow! Screw that sh*t!

I am absolutely bounding in hap, fortune, luck!

I need to rewrite my self-talk from hapless… to hap-full!

I need to point out my good hap here, here and here!

Hapfullness makes for happiness. Happiness makes for more good hap.

It’s all happening! What good happenstance! Hapfully speaking…

In terms of ‘gathering poise’…?

A hap-full stance summons in more gathering poise, because a hap-full fortunate person feels well-supported by the universe.

I am moving from ‘hapless’ to ‘hap-full‘.

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