MEDS Day 93: Today I am playing in Eden

Yesterday, playing “Heart says…”, I heard guidance like:

  • Hold fire
  • Jump in
  • Connect here
  • Help!
  • Have faith

It really is the moment by moment GPS, the instant oracle, the wise guide… Once it said ‘Hold fire’ as I was hustling towards the training session I was giving. I stopped in a quiet spot and ‘held fire’ – immediately I realised I hadn’t yet tuned into the training or the participants or to any higher power consciousness in advance of the session. So I did this and felt a great deal more grounded before I met the participants. The session went really well.

Out of nowhere some music has just started playing out of my phone…!!

“Feeling tired by the fire. The long day is over. The wind is gone… With no reprise the sun will rise. The long day is over.” It’s a Norah Jones song downloaded into my phone but never before played. What does this mean?!

The long day is over. It means you can relax now. The struggle is done.

Really? My Aspie brain says “ahdontknowboutdat!”

The long day is over. The long day is over. The long day is over. Relax. Feel the setting sun on your back.

Am I dying?!

It means, turn ‘struggle’ into ‘taking’. It means replace ‘efforting’ with ‘claiming’. It means ‘take what is good’, as if to do so were the easiest thing on Earth.

Like Eve in the Garden of Eden before the Fall…

Exactly. Remember the days of innocence? Remember those days? Recall the state of ease? Recall it now. When heaven really was a place on Earth. Remember that?

I can reach towards a sense of ease, of abundance, of plucking fruit from all-offering trees. Before the serpent…

Before the serpent. Go there. Return to Eden and revel in it. When we all can live in Eden, from our centre of consciousness, then we can indeed reinstigate it. All is blessed. All is heavenly. All is pure. Go to that ‘place’ and anchor yourself there. Your heart truly exists there already. To go ‘there’ is to align with the state of your heavenly heart.

So, would this be another game to play? Eve in Eden?

Yes. Don’t worry too much about ‘Eve’ as there’s so much complexity in that name alas. But play with the notion of living in Eden, a place of abundance, love, harmony and unity. See it all around you. Play that game. Not so hard in your beautiful new home. But also, not so hard while out and about in your day, or virtually as you communicate with others.

Say: Today I am playing in Eden.

Lovely. Thank you.

Today I am playing in Eden.

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