MEDS Day 95: Today I am helping myself to happiness: balance ⚓️

Here I am, helping myself, to happiness. This is me, helping myself to rest, to recuperation, to wellbeing, to the good fortune of life, to the love around me. Here I am. Helping myself.

In terms of the MEDS project, and incorporating new habits in to my life… I have learnt so much. I realise that a certain amount of my learning is centred, not so much around strict ‘activities to schedule’, but broader principles such as:

  • Little and often is best
  • Moderation brings results
  • Self-care is key
  • Just relax into it
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Effort less, receive more
  • Get life in balance
  • A pattern of activities lightly touched upon daily, is grounding & effective

Am I frustrated with only having lost 10lbs since 1st Jan? Yes. Am I aware I’ve moved house and been working hard which is not conducive to stresslessness and good routines? Yes. Am I conscious that I’ve now got the opportunity to draw new balance in to my life? Yes. Am I developing the confidence and self-assurance to ask for what I want (professionally), so I don’t need to overstretch myself? Yes. Am I growing in self-compassion? Yes.

My love and I are going to start cycling. I love cycling.

‘Helping myself’ has been a beautiful practice. What next?

Meditation time…




In the meditation I realised we weren’t yet done with ‘I am helping myself…’. It is time now to play with the phrase which was emerging yesterday: I am helping myself to happiness.

This time, using an anchoring technique each time you notice yourself ‘helping yourself to happiness’.

The middle finger touches thumb, for example.

Yes, tapping three times for good measure, every time you catch yourself helping yourself to happiness.

What does the anchoring mechanism actually do?

It gives your physiology the reminder to snapshot the feeling of wellbeing, receptivity and ‘allowing’ that arises when you actively reach out to help yourself to happiness.

I’m imagining this is a metaphorical reaching out, ie. not the hand extending outwards for a chocolate eclair…?

Why limit yourself to the non-physical?

Good question. The material seems to get me into imbalance.

Only if the thinking behind the outreaching hand is imbalanced. If your thinking says ‘grab it though it’s naughty’, you create excess potential. If your thinking says ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you’ and your heart is held in a state of appreciation, wonder and respect for all things… you are more likely to align with a balanced result.

How best can I help myself to happiness?

By quietening the mind and moving towards the things, states and opportunities one feels subtly attracted to. That takes real awareness of the internal compass. This is advanced self-knowledge. It requires working from the united heart-mind, not from old programming. It is about being super-sensitive to one’s super-sensitivities.

Lovely. And what is ‘happiness’?


Really?! Not peaks, zeniths, highs? It’s just straight ol’ balance?

Yep. Straight old balance. You know how the baby loves routine and predictability and rhythm and downtime and freshness? So does the inner being.

Wow. So, it’s not about fulfilling one’s dreams.

Sure it is. And your inner being dreams of balance.

Wow. This took me by surprise. But it makes sense. And I see it in my Love too. He takes warm pleasure in the gentle orderliness, serenity and ease of a well-balanced life. It’s a wonder to me. I’m learning.

So today I’m helping myself to happiness, or balance?

Both. The latter is the descriptor for the former. Remember to anchor the moments you spot yourself helping helping yourself to balancing happiness.

Today I am helping myself to happiness (balance) ⚓️

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