Create 78: I am feeling tranquil (#UCfm)

I am so truly grateful for the education I receive in our dialogues.

Taking my foot off the gas – aka #FOGS – was such a delicate and helpful and energy-preserving practice yesterday.

I love this work.

Yesterday we talked about ‘being>doing’ and ‘being receptive’. Can we develop that briefly today?

Of course. Good morning, dear soul. 

My beloved Dad starts chemotherapy today. I wish to hold sacred space in my heart for him and his wellbeing, and to be able to be present to him in whatever way I can from where I am, wherever I am.

Exactly so. Let’s go in, briefly. 


Heavens. So that took me by surprise. Right to the heart. Floods of tears. [It is a Baha’i prayer I used to listen to (that very recording) and used to sing all the time… 1995-2008]

Oh God. Forgive me my sins… Have mercy upon me… Show me how to pray again – anew.

Settle into the parasympathetic state. That is how you will hear us.

It also explains why sometimes, in your ‘Help me!’ prayers of old, you felt you couldn’t ‘hear God’. You couldn’t.

When you are in the parasympathetic state, you (all) have access to the ‘small still voice of God’ inside you all, at all times.

And yes, you know what we will say: there is really a blurred line between that which is your soul or inner being speaking, and that which is communication from Infinite Intelligence. Why? Because you soul is part of the creation that emerges from Infinite Intelligence.

Individualisation is the human condition. Consciousness, of a universal kind, is the spiritual or non-physical condition. 

It’s true – when I’m ‘clenched’ mentally, I am working on a totally different wiring, or radio channel.

I think you call radio channels ‘frequencies’. 

They do. We do. 🙂

So, you’re saying, I get onto UniversalConsciousnessFM when I’m unclenched.

Y e s

No lamentations of the heart then…?

Those days are passed. 

What is the positive synonym for ‘un-clenched’?


As in: ‘lax again’. Funny how we condemn people for being ‘lax’.

Yes, it’s almost as if there was some interest in having people cut off from their Source… 🙂 

Yes. It’s less so in the Canary Islands, where ‘tranquilidad’ is held universally in esteem as the highest quality of good living.

There we are. What a perfect alternative to unclenched: ‘tranquil’. Feel that tranquility in you. Welcome it. Bask in it. Receive it… 

Amen. I will do that today. Thank you.

I am feeling tranquil (and picking up UniversalConsciousnessFM)




Create 77: I am taking my foot off the gas {smiling}

Mmmm, yes – I needed that serenity sitting with me yesterday.

I was teaching suicide prevention to frontline staff of a homelessness and prison resettlement service… My word, the beautiful, powerful, compassionate work those strong souls do. And the troubled, passionate, life-challenged souls that they serve… Talk about the frontline – the frontline of human development through fast-track learning, evolving, burning through the old contracts…

Then I led a network meeting for 35 new Mental Health First Aiders at a university.

It’s all online of course, which is a complete blessing – but it’s also so, so intense. I’m on my knees with tiredness, over-stimulation and… a full stress container. I know it’s full because I’ve been on the verge of snapping, only with my darling G of course, quite a bit. I had to take myself off to bed for a break while he was cooking as I couldn’t handle making weekend plans. The new easing of lockdown is adding so many other factors and complexities and dilemmas of handling, for example, energy levels, infection risk, rule-bending, rule-of-6 considerations, inside/outside meeting (in the cold)…………… :/ And it’s all affecting my sleep too.

So, yes, SERENITY was a welcome companion when she was available yesterday. In my training I was talking endlessly about self-soothing and self-care. Need to apply to self, right?

And you are applying those principles to self, sweet soul, you are – right here and right now.

What is the will of your Inner Being right now? 

Ha! Good question. I barely dare ask it in case it says, ‘Screw it all, let’s take the day off!’. So, IB, what is your will right now?

#InnerBeingSays: Screw it all, let’s take the day off!

Very funny. 🙂

#InnerBeingSays: En serio. Let’s admit how well we’ve done in the last few days, weekends, weeks, months… And take the foot off the gas for the day. You gave yourself a huge cold sore this week; you’re now on the verge of a sore throat from stress.

Hear the message from your body: “Foot off the gas!”

What does that even mean?

Let’s go in… 

***18min Med via Insight Timer***

A meditation on this poem by Rumi:

Russell Brand writes:  In this short beautiful poem, Rumi was able to put into words the experience of annihilating and transcending beyond the individualized sense of the self. There is a quietness behind the frantic running, and freedom is whole and complete.

There was a moment in the guided meditation where Russell Brand asked us to approach ourselves with an attitude of ‘kindness and reverence’. It made me cry. Yes. This. Reverence. I miss that part of life… I disown this modern day reverence towards the noise, the ‘frantic running from silence’!

“Your way begins on this other side. Become the sky.” 

“Inside this new love, die.” Die to self, ego, worldly warriorship…

I long for our modern mysticism. This is what fills me. The Abraham-Hicks, the Carolyn Myss, the Pema Chodron, the Matt Kahn, the Russell Brand, the Anita Moorjani… The true modern mystics. Let THIS be my world. Amen.

And it is. 

I’m exhausted by living in a world that assumes this sensory plane is all that there is. Exhausted. As RB said in the meditation, when we sit within that ‘wave of consciousness’ for a while, we are gently being healed of trauma, stress, pain. Yes! That plane of abundance, of qi, of pranic substance – it’s there for us. Let’s ALL live in it. Let’s all cease and desist running around worshipping the cult of stress and exhaustion…. SHOW ME HOW to convert my life thus, for good, dear Inner Being of my Soul and Heart. Show me how to live the life of the modern mystic. Amen. Amen. Amen.

First: give up ‘doing’. In other words, rebalance – more being; less doing. 

Ok. And what constitutes ‘being’? Does it include… eg. relaxing watching TV?


Social media?


Reading a book..?

Yep – to a degree and depending on the book. Reading a book is an ACTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS EVENT emerging from your will and intention. Absorbing TV and social media are passive consumption, or active unconsciousness. 

Sitting and visually stimming?


Lying on the grass with my eyes closed?


So ‘being’ is not completely ‘non-doing’… but it is…

Being in vibrational alignment with the Inner Being. It generally involves some form of surrender to listening, basking, receiving, witnessing, being tickled by… 

So, is it passive or active?

It’s receptive. It is being receptive. That is your antidote to having your foot on the gas. 

So ‘taking my foot off the gas’ is a good first step to ‘being receptive’.

It’s a great starting point and practice. Know that whatever you do in the spirit of the modern mystic bears good unto your being. 

This ‘modern mystic’ phrase…

Think more of ‘modern mysticism‘ if you like… It’s broader, and less like naming of individual gurus! It means: leaning into consciousness in a wildly consciousness-frazzled world. Now that’s wild card, rebel behaviour. And it’s exactly what your Inner Being is after. Lovely stuff. 

Ok. So I’m going to practise taking my foot off the gas today, and see what happens. Right?

Right! Lovely. Enjoy it. Feel it in your body. This is serenity on steroids if you’ll forgive the obvious tautology of that statement. We’re just here to make you smile. Smiling is a great way to take your foot off the gas, sweet soul. <3

🙂 Yes. Ty. xxx

I am taking my foot off the gas {smiling}



Create 76: I am inviting serenity to sit with me today 

Sticking to my own order of activities is going to take practice, and ongoing confidence building.

Yesterday, I stopped for a lunch break 2-3pm, and then tried to do work but was completely stuck from 3-5pm+…

You had done a big morning training session, on little sleep after a supermoon at 4.30am that night, and had two tricky things to do. No wonder you needed to ‘generate steam’.

Yes. A nap helped…

So today. I was struck by reading this again from our last post:

It turns out that ‘Doing Hard Things’ amounts to no more and no less than: honouring my Inner Being’s will, intention, calling and intuition above and beyond honouring others’ will, intention, calling and intuition (aka demands and expectations).

So, Inner Being, how can I best honour your will, intention, calling and intuition today?

Let’s go in. 

***10 min ‘Relax Your Mind’ with Lama Yeshe Rabgye on Insight Timer***

In that meditation, I felt that my Inner Being willed Order & Power – as in Order to our days, and Power to execute the Order of our days.

Sounds simple enough!

Give me some more intel on this?

The inner calm is where it’s at. Your ‘relaxed’ mind is the spring for all order and power. So start there. With a relaxed and balanced mind, open to the potential of both Order and Power. Invite serenity to sit with you today.

Oh, my, I love that. It’s 6.59am… I will do exactly that.

I am inviting serenity to sit with me today 

Create 75: I am setting and sticking to my own order of activities – calm and settled, come what may

Check. This. Out.

It turns out that ‘Doing Hard Things’ amounts to no more and no less than: honouring my Inner Being’s will, intention, calling and intuition above and beyond honouring others’ will, intention, calling and intuition (aka demands and expectations).

Woah! Isn’t  that amazing?! Doesn’t that explain a lot?! And isn’t it ironic that we should drag our feet and procrastinate and bridle over…. doing the very thing that serves our inner being?!

But consider – you do a Hard Thing (eg. say no to something) – and you often think there’ll be come back, judgement or criticism – like the world may end! Why? Because that’s exactly how we been trained to believe! We’ve been programmed over time by society to think that if we follow our inner guidance it’s basically going to be ‘game over‘. It starts in school where (unless you’re at eg Steiner) the whole fricking meta-curriculum centres around pressurising children to give up their will for the will of a.n.other. We use fear (of failing exams, punishment, future unemployment, social shaming) to make the point. And we pathologise those who resist: ADHD / ESBD / ASD. We also sideline or exclude those who won’t play ball.

But funnily enough, I don’t think the Inner Being is even actually such a ‘wild card’! I don’t think it is anything for society to fear, unless it’s the case that having docile, compliant, fearful, self-less beings serves ‘another’ purpose…?!

But looks at this.

My IB’s will apparently includes:

  • cleaving to our routines and rituals
  • order
  • feeling strong and supple (vs smaller/less of me)
  • being prepared (like a good scout)

And yet, I feel driven to react to everyone else first… Yesterday I was exhausted by the end of the day. I didn’t actually do the hardest thing, which was keep to the order of priorities on my list. I allowed others’ to pop in and hijack my time and attention.

A really good Hard Thing to achieve would be to set my order of activities, and stick to it. Come what may.

Sounds like an excellent proposition – one that will serve you well. 

I’m hoping that if it serves me well, it will serve others well. Right?

Start by serving yourself and you’ll be far better able to serve others effectively. Keep it calm. Keep it settled. 

Thank you.

I am setting and sticking to my own order of activities – calm and settled, come what may


Create 74: I can do hard things. Unflinchingly. Under ‘exam conditions’.

Yesterday InnerBeingFM was saying:

  • Giddup, geddonup..!
  • Get dressed, go out!
  • Blow cobwebs away and let the sun in!
  • Mmm, we’re heading out into the sunshine for a walk
  • [and halfway through the walk] Mmm, we’re heading home after a good walk

My Inner Being clearly wanted movement yesterday.

What do you want, need, foresee today, dear Inner Being?

Today’s grand opportunity is… Let’s go in for a sec and you’ll hear…

I heard: To do hard things. Unflinchingly. Under ‘exam conditions’.

Exactly so. To do hard things. Unflinchingly. Under ‘exam conditions’. This is what you learnt about yourself on Friday. Powerfully so. This truly is your route to freedom: to capitalise on the gradual realisation that you can do whatever you set your mind to… not so much in a ‘reach for the stars’ approach (though there is much to be said for that) but in a PRODUCTIVE / CREATIVE approach. You can cut down and grow up whatever you want in the garden of your own world. You are the creator of your reality, not via magic, but via ‘say so’. How powerful is that?! How ridiculously powerful are you humans?! 

In your 2 x 3 hours of work today, there is nothing you can not strike off your list. And you don’t even need to arrive with a list – you can start by writing your list, just like you’d do after reading your exam question. You have truly completed your ‘Life Studies’ revision, and you are ready to show off your knowledge and skills, day after day after day. 

Breathe in; breathe out – and go. 

I guess there was a real feeling of power, euphoria and gladness in my heart last Friday. I produced some good, bold innovative work, and I communicated some decisions that served my true nature and inner purpose. I came forward and was truthful. It felt good once I’d done it. I can do it again, and again. It will get easier, I imagine, to make and communicate clear decisions that serve my inner being.

There you go. Excellent. 


I can do hard things. Unflinchingly. Under ‘exam conditions’.



Create 72: I am curious about the world according to my Inner Being

At the end of yesterday, having played beautifully with feeling chuffed (especially while delivering training and on my walk)…

…and also having put out a range of fires and kept plates spinning (including trauma-triggered MHFA participants x5; lots of admin; charged calls from NST; a late 1.5h sibs call on prepping for the NT summit in 2 days – while also driving ASV into town late; trying to arrange a covid-compliant kids’ get-together today before ASV goes back to uni tomorrow; apparently getting my third  ‘period’ in the last month)…

… I eventually lost my shit.

It was about 11pm, when I should already have been in bed way earlier and was massively over-stimulated. I got angry – really angry and triggered – at G over something he said fleetingly.

I like to think my stress signature style is ‘withdrawal and non-comms’ but actually when the shit hits the fan and my stress container runneth over, I lash out with words, on my nearest and dearest. And I guess I know this. G and I have worked with this, and we worked through it last night, but at the cost of some ‘battery burn’.

I woke at 5am again today with the unfairness and sadness and anticipatory grief of the JF situation. I tried to align with my inner being. Where was the bit of me that is always at peace, and relaxed, and positive, and adoring, and chuffed?

When are you going to put yourself first? That is how you will create a bond with your inner being. 

Like AH talk about teaching selfishness – but not in the way we typically think of selfishness…

Yes. ‘Putting yourself first’ means not hesitating to book that qigong retreat, not hesitating to market yourself confidently… 

I’m getting there. My VA is a good starting point. My routines, and limits on work each week.

This is not what we mean. We mean: when are you going to arrange your days so they are entirely based around being in tune with your inner being? 

Well, I don’t know. What would it take?

Playfulness; going under the radar; an ongoing dialogue throughout the day, in the now now now. This is a friendship which is just beginning and will grow, especially as you become more curious about the ‘permanent state of vibrational alignment’; and as you become more habitual about moulding, moulding, moulding in the image and likeness of the perspective on the world of your inner being. 

When I close my eyes for meditation, there is concern, pain, trauma… So I’m resistant to doing so, though I know I can/do burn through that dissonance to the peace below.

There are many other ways to align with your inner being. Over time you will gain the trust that all you need do is settle into the present moment to catch the scent of your inner being. Easy, easy, easy. And then you won’t let the ‘alternative tug boat’ pull you too far in the opposite direction of your inner being. You’ll know that, the second you get the stress/sadness/upset signal, you can tip yourself back towards vibrational alignment. You will be reminded to take any negative emotion as a signal that you have shifted away from the world your Inner Being inhabits. 

And to get back to that world…?

Settle in. Get curious about the ‘world according to your Inner Being’. 

Ok. Ty. I’ll do that. Amen.

I am curious about the world according to my Inner Being





Day Notes:

  • The IB is always scanning for the next thing to be uplifted or tickled or chuffed by and then rest attention on it, baskingly
  • I loved something AH said – we can see the drama of this world as a sitcom – and honestly, when I look at some of the more out there stuff in my world, at the mo (JF, certain colleagues), calling a sitcom is just right.  I can either see J as a character from a Stephen King story (yikes!) or better, as our own Hyacinth Bucket CBE. Isn’t this a funnier, softer, warmer perspective than the alternative?:

  • Yes, obviously we need to respond according to our own needs and principles, but let’s see those driven by ego as tragi-comic rather than evil or to be feared. Gentle compassion; healthy boundaries.

[Note: isn’t it extraordinary… NT as the great published-to-be… and FT was quietly getting published in the papers on a daily/weekly basis… and SEEING people and reflecting them out to the world via her art. Publish daily is good…. But not on me… on the clients…. and their brilliance… Capture “What my clients have taught me”…]

Create 71: I am feeling chuffed

Sometimes I think these Dialogues just build my hunger! 

Of course! You are sorting and sifting here. You are reaching into the vortex and playing with what’s there. How excellent is that? 

Most excellent. I loved the ‘I am savouring what is now, and I am savouring what is becoming‘ (#swinaswab) exercise yesterday, and drawing the images… It’s clearly about how we FEEL as we draw the pictures. That’s the work of vibrational alignment, right?

Exactly. Your pen becomes a channel for the embodiment of the good feeling thoughts. 

And I love the word (of A-H) SAVOURING – it’s juicier and funner and more embodied than the rather head-centred word ‘appreciating’.

Your work on savouring is excellent. And it’s the perfect antidote to the default mechanisms of the sympathetic state. The more you can 1) get into the parasympathetic state and 2) savour what is now/becoming, the more effectively you are rewiring your internal state towards vibrational alignment with your inner being.

Your inner being is incessantly SAVOURING. When you feel grouchy, sad, fearful or ornery, it is only, only because you are out of sync with your inner being which is in full-on SAVOURING mode. And it ALWAYS has more to savour than it can finish up on. 

Even in a ‘crisis’?

Ha! You think your Inner Being is so easily distracted by conditions?!

Oof. Boom. Very good.

So what is my Inner Being savouring right now? 

Your Inner Being is savouring the peace and quiet of the room; the expansiveness of Quiet Time; the sunshine outside; the work of the day ahead; the connections to be made with training delegates; the inspiration to be received from training those delegates; the knowledge that upstairs are two loved ones and that others loved ones are just a phone call away; the colours of the room around – beigey, creamy, soft.. with the red of the cushion; the remembrance of the ?nightingale yesterday evening; the knowledge that ASV is on top of her dissertation; the knowledge that all the girls will be round on Friday; the knowledge that all the sibs will gather round NST on Saturday, bringing lunch and care and adoration and support; the knowledge that we are loved and held and appreciated and indeed SAVOURED by others… 


Pretty cool, eh? Feel like getting in to the swing of the Inner Being’s view of things?

It sure beats my amygdala’s hot take on the conditions of life!!!

Right. So stay there. Stay with this. Connect again to the Inner Being’s view of the world. Feel it’s vibration… its frequency… its tone and its mood. Yes that’s good – the mood of your inner being. And it’s mood is…?

My Inner Being’s mood seems to be… chuffed!   😀

Excellent. How lovely to know that while ‘feeling chuffed’ is not readily condoned in your society and cultural upbringing (as it smacked of pride, egotism or self-satisfaction…. and no one wanted anyone else to ‘feel good about themselves’…hm, we wonder why…?) it is the natural state of your Inner Being!

What a relief to start to give into that notion!

Yes! It is the natural state to feel super-chuffed with all that is – why? because life is a roller coaster of adventure… and feeling delighted, gratified, joyful, elated, tickled pink etc etc etc about the roller coaster of your ‘one’ wonderful extraordinary life is actually a meet and proper response to the gift of it upon you! 

Ha! So true!! Why do we train each other to pinch ourselves off from this? Some kind of protestant notion of sinfulness???

It matters not to you. You’ve made a great breakthrough today. To feel CHUFFED is the natural state of your Inner Being. And when you align with your IB’s view of things, you feel good. And when you are out of sync with your IB’s view of things, you feel sad, grouchy, ornery. The latter serves no one. The former is the catalyst and oil in the system for the UNFURLING of all Good Things… which is the natural evolution of consciousness.

So… leaning into ‘feeling chuffed’ sounds like a good next exercise. 

My Inner Being’s style of ‘feeling chuffed’ feels somewhere between ‘gangster’, ‘hippy’ and ‘monk’. I love it!

Grand. Let’s play with this today. Let’s take the Inner Being’s perspective on life, as an experiment, for fun. 🙂 


I am feeling chuffed


Day Notes

On my lunchtime ‘walk and talk’ I took notes on the A-H podcasts. I really wanted to land the notions of being in sync with my inner being. It was so helpful.

Abraham-Hicks? 22apr21: PODCAST

• The path of least resistance

• Benefitting from contrast

• More engines lined up towards what you do want than towards what you don’t want => gathering momentum


• LoA is always operating in your powerful Now

• Whatever you’re feeling now

• LoA is attending to your positive thought

Not moving in the direction of your momentum does feel uncomfortable (stressful) and therefore…THE EXISTENCE OF YOUR DESIRE WILL AUTOMATICALLY PRODUCE STRESS IN YOU UNLESS YOU LET GO AND MOVE WITH YOUR DESIRE. So the very existence of negative emotion means that you’ve got a desire, means your source is calling you… and therefore that help is on the way.

• Little by little you become more of a cooperative component to your allowance of things and oh once you get rolling, once those things start stacking up…

• High-fiving each other!

• ⚡️? Negative emotion is a meaningful response to not being in sync with the thoughts of your inner being about things that really matter to you.⚡️?

??Your inner being isn’t feeling anything about your negative emotion. The reason for your negative emotion is that you’re focussed differently than your inner being is focussed.??

• The now is where you blend together with your inner being to one degree or another. That’s what the now is really all about.

• ❤️There is no future. There is only now. ❤️ Now is all we have. ❤️ now: There’s me and my relationship to Source, period.

• The freedom to be in complete connection with whom I am.

• Compassion is me in my now and feeling about it how Source feels about it.

• You can never get it wrong and you never get it done. And it’s all now now now.

• The gift of options – choosing bondage/freedom, better/worse

• No matter what’s happening it’s wellbeing whether I can see it’s wellbeing or not! Try to see the way it really is.. Then you see your value, and how your loved, and why your here… and then the impulses keep on coming.

• Source is adoring you

• Let’s say it again. Your negative emotion is your indication that your are denying the love that Source is shining on you in this moment in time.

• Relax and let it be. (Don’t) deny the connection with source.

Create 70: I am savouring what is now, and I am savouring what is becoming

I felt yesterday a strong desire to stay tuned to the frequency which is ‘calm, clear, connected‘.

And your lunchtime A-H podcasts underlined that too, didn’t they? 

Yes. Find the frequency of that which makes you “feel good” and keep your attention there. “Savour what is becoming!” they said.

I realised the frequency, feel and intent of my Qigong practice sits right there in the space of ‘feeling good’ for me – and it really feels like a practice of vibrational alignment on a very physical – and, surely – energetic level too. If I were to ‘dream’ in the space of Qigong, it would sustain some Good Feeling Thoughts for more than the crucial 17 seconds!

[I went off and had a rootle on the internet… What about hanging out more, in person, with the Qigong Southwest dudes…? Or going on retreat in Nov with Brad Richecour – as training for SoD?:]

Sounds like you’re tuning into the chosen frequency and Savouring What Is Becoming, as A-H said.

Yes! And ‘Savouring What Is Now‘!

SWINASWIB = savouring what is now and savouring what is becoming 🙂

Want to go in and find out a bit more? 


***10mins of silent med***

So, in savouring what is becoming, I almost felt I could ‘see’ glimpses of the good things ahead, and I wanted to draw them on paper… as images from the future.

Ah. Did you now?

🙂 Yes. Moulding, moulding, moulding.

Today’s the 4 year anniversary of my first date w my beloved G. There was so much moulding on both our parts to meet, and to connect… I used to dream of walking down the lanes hand in hand with ‘him’.

Ah. Did you now?

Ha! I sense you in sprightly mood. I’m listening.

When you practise qigong you are moulding energy.

Qi = energy; Gong = work, exercise, play.

This is not mere fancy. 

When you speak to another, you are moulding your future with your words – and the mood / meaning / intent behind the words. 

When you choose one path or another, you are moulding your future with your freewill. 

Let your INTENT for your future be clear – to you at least. Leave this not to the vagaries of your impulses, practised defaults or embedded resistance. 

Let your intent be clearly stated to yourself – and your energy-play, words and choices will gradually attune to that intent. 

Just as you need 1000:1 ratio of self-gentling:fear thoughts, so do you need to embed your Intent 1000 times for each ‘day’. 

Well, what INTENT suitably meets the needs, exigencies, opportunities of this time? I’ve lent into the intent of ‘PoE’ (peace on earth) for some years… including with the year of focussing on ‘Reach Peace; Teach Peace’ (2019?). I feel there’s something even more dynamic available to me now… We’ve had a whole year of peace in terms of being at home, resting, reflecting, rebooting…

I sense there’s something dynamic available now that speaks to the Day we are living in.

For today, why not play with SWINASWIB? Such pieces of info as you are looking for on ‘intent’ will emerge when you hit their frequency, not before. 

Ok. And also, A-H talks about vibrational alignment with our inner being as being the key component…

Awesome. And in time you’ll discover what that means for you.


I am savouring what is now, and I am savouring what is becoming


I did the Drawing… 🙂

Create 69: I am tuning to the frequency I wish to hear #StayTuned

I realised yesterday that we need a ratio of 1000:1 of ‘self-gentling thoughts’ (my term) to ‘default thoughts’ if we are going to override the fear-based default thinking of human life.

In other words I need to affirm “My life is so gentle” 1000 times for every fear thought I entertain.

And there’s some reasoning to be done to underpin this affirmation – to remind myself the statement is true. With tenderness, I can say to myself, “Am I actively dying?” and if I’m not, then you know what, my life is pretty gentle in this moment.

Yes, visiting my beloved Dad a couple of days ago, and seeing his powerful equanimity in the face of his incurable condition, certainly gave me some new perspective on my circumstances.

It also underpinned how very very much we need to self-gentle in order to get through this life, particularly under the conditions of the world and this country at the moment.

I reflected on my work patterns, and noted:

  • I work 6 hours a day more or less – and it’s intense, but good, practical, helpful. May those hours be dedicated to helping folks and serving the peaceful mission.
  • So may the other 18 hours be dedicated to conscious self-gentling, so that I have the inner resources for the 6h of work at hand.
  • Anything else is asking too much of the system… which is news to us who were brought up to push push push through school, homework, late nights, over-stimulation….

Yesterday, I listened to Caroline Myss (Advanced Energy Anatomy) talk about involving the 2nd/3rd chakra to get our creative work done. “Have you got the guts to bring the creative idea into the physical world…?” she (roughly) said, referring to the location of the chakra and our metaphors around the power of the belly… Having the guts.

Then I watched Homeland (yeah, I know…) and was reminded of what humans achieve (for good or for ill) with that ‘marine mentality’: compartmentalise, get stuff done, mission focus, team work, inner poise, self-mastery…

There’s something here for me at the moment… around…

  • “Here HALT” = notice what you’ve done and are doing; give yourself credit and kudos and reward and rest
  • “Self-Gentling” = affirming, owning, anchoring the gentler paradigm of living – and thereby also overriding default fear-thinking, by deliberate intent
  • Mental toughness, guts, resilience…. arising out of …. mastering one’s … mind… via extreme self-care…?

Good work. Ready to go in? 



And so is ‘downloaded’ or ‘uploaded’ a new prayer: Speak Through Me. 

It becomes clear that:

  • Inner uprightness + total softness => ‘the cork floats’, aka the frequency rises… and the radio tunes to a new channel… and the medium broadcasts a new signal. 
  • The inner uprightness refers to the inner simplicity and clarity and peace and focus upon that which is up and ahead. The marine mission mentality.
  • The total softness refers to a self-reverence that honours the miraculous nature of this life… and the temporal nature of existence on this plane. Here HALT and self-gentle. 

And Speak Through Me?

We know you long for connection to be literal – like A-H – and there is no reason why not: it’s happening now. But you know that you are a mouth-piece (each of you) for whatever it is that you are tuned to. So take care to tune to the channel you for which to be a medium.

Aha! So LoveFM, RadioSpirit, SacredLongWave, HeartFeltFM…

If you like. Just keep your ‘attention’ on that for which you wish to speak.

I see.

Tune to the frequency you wish to hear. 


I am tuning to the frequency I wish to hear

#SpeakThroughMe #StayTuned!


Create 68: I am affirming “My life is so gentle.”

Notes on practising “Here, HALT” {Have A Little Treat}

  • It’s about learning to INTERPRET each moment as not only benign but weighed down with gorgeous gifts.
  • Pg88 of Bringers of the Dawn – human life is alllllll about mastering fear
  • Pg 39ish of In Shock – Dr Awnish describes her NDE by the absence of fear.
  • And look… I spent half of last night awake with embodied anxiety. This truly is good work at the cutting wedge. Haha, typo, cutting wedge. Funny.

When we encourage you to work gently and compassionately with yourself at the level of every sweet thought, we really are supporting you to require your brain to lean towards peace. As you asked.

I did. I said, please make me a channel of your peace.

We’ll know that the external systems are indeed being ‘turned up’. Your work is timely.

I see people so struggling under these frequency… zaps? My work in MH and con/res gains custom… It makes me sad. I wish it weren’t.

It is not for you to lament or judge. (What luxuries!) Rather now is the time to drop anchor and choose one’s frequency – again and again again. That is mastery.

And today?

Look fear in the face, lovingly. Name it, and respond to it. And have a little treat.

I am afraid I’m going to be late / unfed / behind on emails / not briefing my assistant / without electricity….

Aha! Well you are handling that well. Have a little treat.

Ok…. 🙂 I’ll do my meditation. And then get going.

Ultimately it’s about affirming that those concerns and fears are nameable and always always always resolvable. And on that basis you come away affirming, ad infinitum, “My life is so gentle.”

I am affirming “My life is so gentle.”