Peak 10: I am a blessing-spotter

Yesterday was absolutely full of ‘peak experience’ moments:

  • all the family together for dinner around the kitchen table. Such a gift and a privilege to hear the raucous laughter at shared jokes and ‘Black Books’ impressions… Our beautiful kids surrounded by their four parents… Seeing that G and I have created a home that can bring our loved ones together.
  • giving my younger daughter her first driving lesson on the open road – her chuffedy-kins smile at pulling to a gentle stop having made it to second gear for the first time. Seeing that she is a natural on the road – like her great grandfather…
  • hearing my eldest’s update on her sparkling career and knowing she is doing so well, on her own brilliant terms, and way ahead for her age. Feeling that parental relief, alongside awe and pride.
  • going hunter-gathering at the supermarket and producing a feast huge enough to feed double the people coming!
  • the moment G unjammed the shed door with the most extraordinary hooking contraption on a pole poked through the tiny gap in the window – the genius of Man+Tool revealed
  • late night chat with youngest on the topic of mental health and wellbeing and society and family…

How to hardwire the happiness of all that? Really, I guess, by recollecting it, replaying it, rewatching it mentally, accepting it all as the blessings of life. It’s partly about Appreciation & Gratitude, and the practice of. But it’s also something else, I intuit. It’s about recognising that those moments are ‘IT‘! They are what life is all, all about!

Let me put it like this: if there had been a ‘frequency’ barometer on the wall at dinner last night, we would have seen it rising higher and higher with every hug, every word exchanged, every laugh, every listening nod, every eye contact, every hand outreached to touch another… If we could have seen the angels gathered over us… If we could have seen each other’s auras glowing… If we could really know when and to what degree we were skirting around the edges of heaven on earth… then, I think we would all change how we arrange our days and lives!

How can we learn better to perceive our blessings? How can we learn how to recognise when we are in a high-frequency moment? How can we remember that love is the reason we are all here?! How can we arrange our lives to put love, relationships and the heaven-on-earthness of unity at the centre of all we do?

Peace of mind is the key. 

Start by fomenting peace of mind, and thus the static noise decreases, and thus perception of your perfect reality becomes clearer. 

In other words, there is no need to ‘create’ heaven-on-earthness, as if it were a kit car for assembly in the back garden at the weekends. It’s about calming the mind so that your perception is clearer. A clear, settled, peaceful mind knows that all-is-well. A peaceful mind sees that the car was in the front drive, perfectly assembled, all along. 

Or to use another analogy, the busy mind is playing X-Box and battling the seemingly onrushing missiles and threats. While the peaceful mind has simply turned off the screen, and the ‘player’ can simply see her face reflected back at her in the darkened screen. The peaceful mind knows the missiles were only a figment of play. She sees that she was the player all along. 

In the peaceful state of mind, it is easier to intuit the heaven-on-earthness inherent here, and here, and there, and here… 

Bird watcher in a hide ScopeUout NZLike a bird-spotter maybe? The frantic bird-spotter, desperate to ,<{See A Bird}>, stomps through the forest covering ground at pace… and is surprised not to see a single bird across the whole forest! Whereas, the bird-spotter who is confident enough to set up a hide and sit tight, is rewarded with a display of nature’s finest.

Nicely put. Yes, a bird-spotter in the hide is worth two on the path. 

I would like to be a peaceful bird-spotter of blessings. A very still, patient, trusting, time-rich, observant Blessing Twitcher.

Lovely. Play that game. 

I am a blessing-spotter


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