Peak 109: I am cool, calm and collected

A brief one today. It is the wedding day of our beloved ones. I’ve had good time  in the last 24 hours to contemplate the co-co consciousness proposition. I think there is so much for me there. Much to channel into my vision of my next 5 / 10 years.

-45- Great accomplishment seems incomplete, yet its use is not impaired. Great fullness seems empty, yet it will never be drained. Great straightness looks crooked. Great skill appears clumsy. Great eloquence sounds like stammering. Movement overcomes cold, stillness overcomes heat. The calm and quiet set right everything under heaven. (The Tao Te Ching 45)

I like simply the notion of ‘calm and quiet‘. I think that will be helpful for me today. Some reading I did this morning reminded me of the power of being in the neutral state – with the polar opposites of positive / negative being a somewhat old-school, 3D ‘conundrum’:

Shoshanna:   Manifestation from a neutral point of view is creation at its purest form.  Creation at its purest form is neutral.  God energy, Source energy is neutral.  So when a human being can come to a point of neutrality in the manifestation process, it is at its purest form. 

The idea of manifesting from a positive or a negative point of view is a third-dimensional point of view.  It is a third-dimensional manifestation imbued with attachments, imbued with desires for a particular result.  When the human being can come to a place of complete neutrality, that which is manifested is perfect for that experience.  Does this help you?

Yesterday, G saw ‘CCC’ written on my wrist to remind me of ‘Co-Co Consciousness’ (Peak 108 phrase). Is that “Cool, calm and collected?” Maybe that’s my phrase for today?

Beautiful. You can see yourself as a gear stick in neutral: cool, calm, collected – and ready for movement. You will all be bearing witness to the love of your beloveds for each other. Bring them your collective light. Bring them your Collective Light. That is the role of the wedding party: to hold the couple in Collective Light. The best way to do that is to be poised, anchored, settled – so that the light can radiate through you all. Cool, calm and collected is fun, also, for those prone to heat, fizz and dispersal! 

Ha! Well as TTC 45 says above: Movement overcomes cold, stillness overcomes heat. Let me be still inside today, so I can add to the Collective Light. May my loved ones be eternally blessed in their love for each other. May we be blessed by bearing witness to their love. Amen.

I am cool, calm and collected


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